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Monday, September 15, 2008

Different Motivations To Play Chess

by goldyluck

After reading some of the blogs by players here I am appalled of what motivate them to play. This person that used to live in the ghetto catches my attention best. it makes me realise how lucky I am.How can a person be so knowingly live in a barbaric place unless he don't have a choice?Can a person be different from an environment he grew up when he moves to a different place? or will he bring the trouble to his new place?Will he be saying " You don't know where I'm from, so don't mess up with me!". Thanks to the chess game , I feel wherever you come from...we have common interest.

Will you be intimidated to play chess against a person who just finished serving his 30 years sentence in jail?I'm not...because chess has its own rules and everybody who plays chess knew the rules.What motivates me the most is Chess : is the game for everyone and it brings people together.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

What is my motivation for playing chess and what it means to me!

by jc56066

Well alot of things in life can be related or compared to chess.
The first thing that comes out of me is a ghetto mantality. I'm originally from Detroit MI and not the suburbs! Chess reminds me of why I go to work everyday, so I don't have to live there ever again! 
I now live in Las Vegas and am out of that rat hole some people call home. It was pretty rough there. One night a cabbie dropped me of at McNichols and Gratoit and he said " this is the number one intersection in America were you can get murdered". My house was less than a Quarter mile from there on Troester.
    Anyway when I lived in Detroit I played chess to keep my wits sharp and remind me to always think a few steps ahead of the other guy.
For instance in the hood people sell things in the street (the two middle rows of the board). When someone intrudes on my side of the street trying to take my money that I  ... Read more >>>

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Monday, September 01, 2008

What motivates me to play Chess Online

by tsukasa

Chess, my favorite board game. What motivates me to play chess online is to play it. When I'm at school no one wants to play, and when I am at home no one wants to because I have more experience then my younger brother and sister. So I have no way of getting better at it. So I decided to join this website for a few reasons. One, for me to play chess. Two, because I want to be a better and a good chess player. Plus, since I only have internet at school, it is one of the ways for me to play chess. As you already know it is my favorite board game, and it is a way to meet players from around the world. I find it awesome tomeet other people who play chess:) Chess online is a fun way to play chess because I think that it makes you think a little bit more. I also like games that make you think. This is why Chess Online motivates me to play it. :)

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Friday, August 29, 2008

My Overview, And Life With Chess!

by XxXJinna007XxX

Over the last 12 months, i've self-taught myself parts of chess, and whether mine or my opponents king falls, i learn something new. I review all my games, and try to eradicate any errors so i therefore don't reflect them in the future. Afterall, learning your mistakes is key, even if they're trvial.

Prior to sitting at a chess board i undergo fear, worry and anxiety, but when those delicate pieces begin to manouver and suddenly those 64 squares become active, my fear becomes my adrenaline and at that point everything else is blocked out. My hunger then kicks in to try and give my opponent a bad position, few squares to work with and an illusion of fore-seeing anyway back into the crue game as her/his king lies on the brink of extinction merciless. To reach this point of domination i fight for the centre the best i can, then i try trick and confuse my opponent into blunders.

I apprciate the aesthetics of chess, and the self belief it brings as i see my opponents king fal ... Read more >>>

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Saturday, August 23, 2008


by skumar_baba

i was looking for a job but i was not satisfied with anyone. Then I started giving chess coaching. I started with Part time job as a Chess Coach in School. And as a player i enjoy playing chess and participate in tournament. Chess has given me job, enjoyment and sufficient time also.



I play online chess. I used to find good chess players. But, by playing online chess I really struggle to beat good players. And i have made chess friends and took good chess tips also. So, Online chess is really interesting and educative.


As all knows chess makes good concentration. For Concentration I do meditation also and go to Brahmakumaris Rajyoga Centre. Really I experience peace there and i have learnt many things there like about self management,stress management,positive life style,8 spiritual powers,Who is God and How to make good relation with God.


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Motivation to Play Chess Online


My motivation for playing chess online is to improve my game and make chess popular in my town. Chess isn't big where I live, and few people give enough attention to the game. In an environment where kids would rather play sports like basketball or hockey, or join other clubs like debate club, chess has become a forgotten game. I am theleader of the small chess team at my high school and I try each and every day to make my team perform better. With very few people on the team, many matches are lost because we aren't able to offset the losses from the boards where we don't have enough players for. For example, this past winter there was the annual High School State Chess Championship in which teams all over the state competed, but sadly my team was one person short of the 6 people needed to compete. Online chess gives me the opportuntity to get better by playing players at and abovemy level. I have fun with some new friends and learn a lot from the gamesI play here at Chesshere. B ... Read more >>>

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

what motivates me. online chess

by rubik21

Chess is uniqe. What other game challenges you to the point of insanity? What game can spur such compatition in the hearts of man? What keeps us up at night to the point of exhaustion? Theres only one game in my mind that to do that. Chess. The game ment only for royalty in the days of old. Ment to settle fueds and disputes. Given to us to play. The honar, the power, The choice.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Iphone chess - play chess on your iPhone

by cc1239293753

Iphone Chess - we are working on making chesshere compatible with iphone


The iphone chess application will  based on the Chesshere engine and should provide iphone chess players the ability to play Chess with others chess players across the globe

iPhone Chess will have  a graphical user interface which allows players to select the piece  and move it by tapping their fingers on the touch screen.

 iphone chess ... Read more >>>

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why do I play online chess?

by Smaug

There are two main ways to practise your chess against people. One is over the board (OTB) and the other is online.I think that online chess is a very good way to improve your chess skills. It is not dependant on meeting once a week, for example, or in a set schedule - there will always be people online. You can play in any spare time, whenever the mood takes you, rather than just having a specific slot for a club every week.Online, it is easier to play games of a specific opening, to improve your skills in that area, since thematic games can be set up and there are many more people who will play any set opening online. By contrast, in a club, OTB, there often will not be enough people who are willing to play a certain opening, so the variety of responses will not be broad enough to give you the practice you are trying to get.Online, many more people take part, since a club is confined by how easily people can get to it, but the Internet is not. This means you can always have a differe ... Read more >>>

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

why i play chess online

by KDP920

Interesting question.� I guess the easy answer is that for some folks who either don't have a local club to play at or like myself when the club meets doesn't quite mesh with my work schedule, playing online allows us to play the game we love at our own pace.� Once I've begun playing, playing online especially a correspondence style chess allows me to� sit down and think out my moves plot my strategy without the time pressures of facing a clock.� By slowing the game down I have improved my play to the point that I now win more than I lose.� (Believe me thats a HUGE! improvement for me.)

While all things are true, the main reason I enjoy playing online is much different.� Most of my opponents I've played aren't really the chatty type and I'm okay with that, but every now and then I'll get someone who will respond to my standard greeting of "Hi, thanks for playing."� They� tell me a little about themselves, and I will do the same and slowly but surely ... Read more >>>

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