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Sunday, October 22, 2017
Taking Online Chess to another Level - Chesshere Press Release

Attention chess fanatics, a new revolution of online chess is finally here! ChessHere.com will be better than ever. It will be the hottest chess server on the internet.

No additional software required to play chess. Just make moves using your normal web browser If you didn’t already know, Chess Here has recently changed ownership The new management has been putting a lot of time and hard work into Chess Here, making the server better and more enjoyable for existing and new members.

There will be a ton of new features such as:

* A new fresh real time chess system based on next generation technology
* A new game board with tons of new features
* You can invite members who are online or offline to a game of real time chess
* New and improved chat systems
* Weekly newsletters
* Plenty of tournaments including a yearly fiscally tournament in Europe with cash prizes
* A welcoming system where new members and guests can seek help from existing members
* New Buddy System – each player will have the option to create a friends list in the real time & correspondence chess sections
* Voice effects during a chess game
* An improved message system – when you receive a new message it will be emailed to you automatically
* Real-time helpdesk assistance 

As well as a totally re-branded website. 

Registration is also free. You can register and play for 5 games (per 24 hours) for free on Chess Here. There is also an option to purchase a premium membership. By opting to purchase a premium membership you'll unlock all features available on chesshere.. So join today! It’s Free!


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