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# Game title (Type) Opponent(Rating) Moves Rem. Time 12 games
1.Friendly Game (R) United  Laperd(1430)30.56:21:42
2.Friendly Game (R) United  Laperd(1430)31.56:21:44
3.Friendly Game (R) Peru  RossPoldark44(1326)100:19:52
4.Friendly Game (R) France  pascal4165(1302)601:7:58
5.Friendly Game (R) United  mred1123(1426)91:22:33
6.Friendly Game (R) Canada  kingmenka7(1373)622:12:11
7.Friendly Game (R) Canada  kingmenka7(1373)68.52:12:12
8.Friendly Game (R) United  nomoeo(1340)72:14:24
9.Friendly Game (R) Poland  buba12(1536)222:14:25
10.Friendly Game (R) Romania  GEDUDITA(1317)72:14:26
11.Friendly Game (R) Romania  GEDUDITA(1317)72:14:27
12.Friendly Game (R) Scotland  Nazareth(1314)4814:14:27
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