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35.LIst of Wanted Teams and PlayersUnited  Alekhine - Dec 19th, 04:191Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold MemberKhaled - Dec 19th, 17:48
34.Country tournementsUnited  Alekhine - Dec 15th, 09:3014United  AlekhineAlekhine - Dec 19th, 04:23
33.it would be good....United  Noa1 - Dec 18th, 18:191International  basbosbasbos - Dec 18th, 18:57
32.Team open challengesUnited  Alekhine - Dec 16th, 07:255Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold MemberKhaled - Dec 17th, 09:33
31.Championship StyleUnited  Alekhine - Dec 16th, 14:091Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold MemberKhaled - Dec 17th, 09:10
30.simple thingRussian  escape - Dec 16th, 00:235Russian  escapeescape - Dec 16th, 05:13
29.TourneysUnited  jesse - Dec 15th, 14:261Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold MemberKhaled - Dec 16th, 01:38
28.Chess ChampionshipsInternational  Fahrudin87 - Dec 14th, 07:299Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold MemberKhaled - Dec 16th, 01:29
27.one more bugRussian  escape - Dec 14th, 00:112Moldova  kreykrey - Dec 14th, 00:53
26.How do Championships work?International  Fahrudin87 - Dec 12th, 19:012International  Fahrudin87Fahrudin87 - Dec 13th, 10:48
25.About colorsSweden  pelle - Dec 13th, 10:360-
24.Checking finished team games ONLY from own team!Germany  BuckFush - Dec 12th, 00:103Germany  BuckFushBuckFush - Dec 13th, 02:07
23.Good new featureInternational  basbos - Dec 11th, 04:281Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold MemberKhaled - Dec 12th, 09:12
22.my profile...Ireland  dr bizzaro - Dec 11th, 01:597United  Noa1Noa1 - Dec 12th, 05:37
21.Average of opponents in StatsSweden  mattafort - Nov 23rd, 08:388Poland  NebAnphuNebAnphu - Dec 11th, 15:46
20.Messages in PNG file?Australia  refidexChessHere Gold Member - Dec 09th, 16:255Poland  MekkMekk - Dec 10th, 14:02
19.Quote w/ missing endingUnited  SirGazzelle - Dec 09th, 14:471United  SirGazzelleSirGazzelle - Dec 09th, 15:52
18.Admin Message for completed gamesUnited  KnightyKnight - Dec 09th, 07:120-
17.ECO Openings List - One of the Best!Sweden  mattafort - Dec 05th, 05:173Italy  BrunettiBrunetti - Dec 07th, 18:40
16.I can translete FAQ on russian. do You need?Russian  escape - Dec 04th, 10:417Moldova  kreykrey - Dec 07th, 03:49
15.comment box for favorite games?United  fantesca - Dec 06th, 23:430-
14.King's Gambit TournamentUnited  TheSicilian - Nov 28th, 15:223Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold MemberKhaled - Dec 05th, 02:42
13.Rating Graph display widthSweden  mattafort - Dec 03rd, 21:501Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold MemberKhaled - Dec 05th, 02:28
12.Completed Games ListingUnited  KnightyKnight - Dec 02nd, 10:592Poland  trenertrener - Dec 03rd, 10:41
11.Trouble With Conditional MovesUnited  TheSicilian - Nov 30th, 09:484United  TheSicilianTheSicilian - Nov 30th, 11:48
10.Non-modal draw offers, restricting amount of draw offersPoland  Mekk - Nov 24th, 06:565Poland  MekkMekk - Nov 29th, 04:12
9.Messages and Declining ChallengesSouth  jamesinbusan - Nov 28th, 01:422Poland  MekkMekk - Nov 29th, 04:11
8.Timeout warning set as a mustNetherlands  joly - Nov 25th, 10:099Sweden  mattafortmattafort - Nov 27th, 01:45
7.auto-emailing PGN of finished gamesPoland  Mekk - Nov 22nd, 06:545Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold MemberKhaled - Nov 25th, 18:52
6.Skip game should move it to the end of the listPoland  Mekk - Nov 22nd, 01:112Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold MemberKhaled - Nov 25th, 18:49
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