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Player: Poland  Mekk Subject: Starting many games

2005-11-16 13:44:21
What about adding 'Games count:' on Start Game form, so one can start - say - 3 or 5 games of the same characteristics without repeating the same form...-
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1Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold Member2005-11-17 13:37:10
good idea!-

2Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold Member2005-11-18 16:14:44

3United  SirGazzelle2005-11-18 20:36:12
wait.. i dont exactly understand wat this does. so lets say i am playing five games with the italian. if i try to play the italian again i cannot?-

4Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold Member2005-11-20 08:08:47
this option just start X number of games with the same settings, started games can be joined by more than one player, it is just to make it easier when you want to offer more than one game so that you don't need to visit "Start game" page many times-

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