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Player: United  ChessOak Subject: Player with -400 rating?

2008-10-04 23:36:46
Player Tariq250 has a -400 rating. What\'s up with that? It also appears that the rating does not change regardless of whether that player wins or loses.-
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1Australia  cc13669115662008-10-05 12:43:41
a negative rating indicate foul play-

2United  crogers2008-10-05 18:53:50
Yes, the player Tariq250 has been accused of cheating, and the negative rating shows that. In other words, never play anyone with a rating of -400, they lack the neccesity to respect their opponents\' and fellow chess players\' intellect, and instead decide to depend solely on a computer to play their chess. Even though their number of wins may greatly overshadow their loses, they are the ones that lose; as, by cheating, they remove the beauty that is chess.-

3United  ChessOak2008-10-05 22:23:08
Interesting. From other threads here I thought that the opinion was that cheating could not readily be detected?-

4Viet  Hao Nhien2008-10-06 02:25:23
Just some, in RTC, when you change the windows so many times in a short game. But I think it doesn\'t work, since the connection is better, and I could play a 3 min while chatting with my friends.-

5United  JPB2008-10-07 01:49:29
Ah, so he was cheating. This raises another question I\'ve been wondering about. Suppose 2 players whose ratings are each 1 point play eachother. The winner will end up with a 12 point rating, but what about the looser? Will his rating go to -10 or will it stay at 0? Perhaps a bit off topic, but I\'ve been curious about that.-

6Viet  Hao Nhien2008-10-07 06:42:02
If there\'s minus point, I think he will go back to minus ten. But there\'s no game like this, I suppose.-

7Australia  cc13669115662008-10-07 08:56:43
no the way it is done is the following, the formula used for the rating does not recognise negative numbers so wether you win or lose against a -400 you and its rating will not change. That is the point of the thing to render unrated all games played by a silicon implant-

8International  cc12418155002008-10-07 09:06:42
I knew a woman once,who had silicon implants-

9United  bluebluegreen2008-10-08 15:47:54
I bet she was smarter than the player w/ the negative rating!-

10United  ChessOak2008-10-08 22:29:41
@JPB: in the USCF rating scheme, there is a floor of 100 points. No player can ever be rated lower than 100. That removes your hypothetical. And as has been noted, negative numbers throw the computation out of whack, so they are disregarded. Which brings to mind a different questing. Are the ratings on this site based on strict ELO or some derivation? I know USCF ratings are not strictly ELO derived and there is a computational adjustment between USCF and FIDE ratings.-

11United  dlb952008-10-09 06:14:47
We here in Ohio had a wind storm and lost electric power for 6 days and I lost all my chess games and it affected my rating. \"IF\" I were to have had a hundred games and lost them all because I lost electric power I expect my rating would have fallen below 400. There are probably hundreds of reasons a person can honestly loose games with out cheating.-

12Philippines  gregcachin2008-10-09 07:56:22
yes may prisoners were wrongfully convicted, but time limit is imposed. You\'ve got to move else lose by forfeit...In the case of negative score means you have to start once again from scratch, and play on your own talent not by coach or something else. In the case of cheating, no proof, is there any proof? or was there any cheating? this is the problem that besets us all, the best thing is to play your best.-

13England  JD932008-10-09 12:56:47
To be honest, the only way you will EVER get a rating that low is if you\'re caught cheating (Not accusing him, just suggesting foul play may be afoot). Because, surely, if you get to a rating low enough then eventually you WILL stop losing points. I\'d imagine that the people he\'d play against, if he had been playing fairly, the people he\'d play against would probably have the average 1400 rating. At about 700 you WILL stop losing points for losing against players of the average rating. I\'m sorry, but cheating is the only logical explanation. (Just a suggestion)-

14United  dlb952008-10-09 13:40:28
JD93 - Over 2 million homes in Ohio lost electric power, my home was one of them and I lost my chess games on time. Are you calling me a cheater?-

15Australia  cc13669115662008-10-09 13:47:59
to 11 and 12 we are talking about -400 rating, which is not possible obtain by losing games...... as i said our formula does not recognise negative numbers, those rating have been placed to people convicted of cheating... for intance people with a rating of 2300 playing the ruy lopez and telling me they started chess 1 month ago for the first ime in their lives and when question about the reason behind certain move copy paste answers from wilkipedia-

16Australia  cc13669115662008-10-09 13:49:48
oh i forgot, these people could have had huge storms in their area and got stoke by lightening and suffer from amnesia....-

17United  dlb952008-10-09 13:55:17
Please explain: Other than loosing games, how can ratings go down? Are you saying that the administrator for one reason or another manually lowered someones rating?-

18Australia  cc13669115662008-10-09 13:58:08
only when the person is found cheating yes-

19United  dlb952008-10-09 15:26:19
Gumpteous & JD93, It didn\'t accrue to me that you are sometimes able to catch people cheating, so I thank you for setting me strait.-

20Malaysia  karvistor2008-11-30 12:26:44
how did you detect someone\'s cheating? a lil confuse here.-

21Australia  tkdreamin502008-12-07 07:59:18
How does one go about informing other players that someone is possilible using a exterior metod in making their moves. I do not want to call the other person a cheat. I am a new member and do not know the proper procedure, Can someone let me know?-

22Europian  cc13741628192008-12-13 19:23:55
a player resigned a realtime game recently accusing me of cheating ... nightmare ... i wasn\'t playing well, just slowly ... realistically, does anyone know how much cheating there is on the site?-

23Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-13 19:31:32
Once I did a sacrifice leading to a checkmate, and my opponent accused me of cheating. It\'s not because I checkmated someone with a sacrifice that I\'m cheating!-

24Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-13 19:38:21
I think that my opponent was just too much jealous of my sacrifice-

25Canada  donven172008-12-14 11:30:08
Yes well many people result in calling names if they lose in an embarassing way, your opponent probably thought that he was about to win the game and then he lost, i cant see who wouldnt be a little frustrated -

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