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2008-10-08 01:46:19
I wait TWO DAYS to play an RTC tournament then (I guess since I\'m using dial up) ALL the games fail to load correctly and I \"resign\" by \"NOT SHOWING UP\" and it KILLS MY ALREADY MEAGER RATING that I\'m WORKING SOOOO HARD JUST to get over 1500 ARRRRRRRGGGGGG-
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1United  JPB2008-10-08 01:49:00
Did I mention that this has happened on several occasions? You would think that chess would teach me more patience by now but I WANT TO KILL SOMEONE >:-(-

2Viet  Hao Nhien2008-10-08 03:03:58
I think the tournament had already started by the time you leave (I mean in the two days you were away). So, you\'re late for it. Every time you log out, just sign yourself out of the tournament that hasn\'t been started yet.-

3United  JPB2008-10-08 03:11:00
No, I\'m on dial-up, I\'m not a retard. I understand how real time tournaments work and not to log out. Here is what happens- when the last person joins the tournament I\'m taken to my first game, however, the board fails to load and instead there is a red \"X\". If I wait for the page to load I timeout. If I refresh the page I \"left the game\". It\'s quite frustrating-

4United  JPB2008-10-08 03:18:27
Oh and about the 2 days... I dont join the tournament then wait 2 days then come back to the website expecting my games to be waiting. I\'d be suprised if even a full-fledged retard tried that. I\'m not a paid member yet so I have to wait 48 hours between real time tournaments.-

5Australia  cc13669115662008-10-08 05:05:42
i thought dial up modem were all eradicated... or was it wishfull thinking on my part-

6United  WarrenW2008-10-08 05:36:16
Dial up is still around. Some of my neighbors have it due to its very low cost. For those who basically use the computer for email and web searches it\'s fine. For downloads it can be very slow; and for some web sites (like online gaming) it may not be practical.-

7Viet  Hao Nhien2008-10-08 07:24:16
I also lose some tournaments because of bad connection... the board can\'t be loaded! Nothing to do with this, my friend. I resign with this trouble.-

8United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member2008-10-08 07:58:11
What is a dialup modem? Oh yah, that is what Web TV uses -

9Australia  cc12636365042008-10-08 09:00:40
|o| sorry JPB, but if you are going to play online games, you have to have a lot of memory on your computer, and you must have at least, a moderately fast modem. It is not the site at fault, you just need to upgrade your system-

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