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Player: United  ChessOak Subject: Wishlist

2008-10-11 16:55:43
Here are a few things I\'d like to see on the site. Not important, mostly just nice-to-have\'s. 1. If I have played a player before, I\'d like to be able to see a summary of our games against one another. Would be even nicer if that summary would lead to a list of the games so I can retrieve the PGN. 2. I\'d like if the chat box contents could be stored with the PGN. I\'d particularly like this if we could report players that swear at us and the chat would be available. 3. I\'d like a \"are you there\" button on the game board that I could click if an opponent doesn\'t move for several minutes (not sure what would be a good algorithm) 4. There was something else, it slipped my mind for now, perhaps it\'ll come back. And perhaps other players could add their wish-list as well? -
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1United  ChessOak2008-10-11 16:57:15
oh yea, right, here\'s another. Honor line spacing in the forums and get rid of the PHP special character treatment. That\'s not too hard to do guys.. :) Or even better, get a \"real\" forum such as SMF and save yourselves the development effort on your own ond devote that to the fundamentals of chesshere.-

2International  cc12418155002008-10-11 20:29:58
I would like spaces between sentences like we used to have.Lets say you try to write a poem or the lines of a song with spaces between each sentence.The result will turn out to be 1 long paragraph which takes away from the poem or song.-

3International  cc12418155002008-10-11 20:34:49
Oh Yeah,one more thing.I would like a picture of Jennifer Lopez beside my analysis board-

4Portugal  viriol2008-10-12 09:58:57
Actually, the wish nº1 has been available for long (try the bottom of their profiles). What do \"PHP\" and \"SMF\" mean?-

5Portugal  viriol2008-10-12 10:01:00
Oh! I\'d like to have other tournament formats.-

6United  WarrenW2008-10-12 10:01:43
Thank you viriol! I had never noticed that before!-

7United  ChessOak2008-10-12 11:16:56
@viriol: I don\'t see anything at the bottom of the player\'s profile. I see that there is an indication of how my rating will change if I play them, and summaries of all *their* games, but not a summary of games I played against that player. PHP: Look in the address bar of your browser. the URL for the site has PHP in it. It is a server-side programming language to write interactive web pages in. SMF: Simple Machines Forum. A very powerful implementation of forums in freeware.-

8United  ChessOak2008-10-12 11:18:32
This was the other request I forgot: I would like better granularity (similar to the CC games) in the RTC game invitations. I don\'t always want to open an invitation for players 1400-1599 (that is a 200-point spread), I\'d rather prefer a smaller window of opponents.-

9Portugal  viriol2008-10-12 15:18:10
@ChessOak: it\'s right above that information (but it only appears if you\'ve played that person) But what are the differences for users of SMF?-

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