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Player: France  Timalo Subject: Error when I click on \"real time chess\"

2008-10-13 02:35:42
I have this message when I click on \"real time chess\" =>Fatal error: Call to undefined function player_name() in /home/chess/public_html/includes/ on line 44 Any idea ?-
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1India  Biem2008-10-13 02:43:54
It\'s happening to me too...Somebody do somethin...desperate for a game.-

2United  st1gmatta2008-10-13 02:49:39
ugh, same here, its been hours-

3Philippines  dhonz20012008-10-13 02:55:44
me whats going on-

4Philippines  dhonz20012008-10-13 02:56:42
can any body tell me whats going on? why i can\'t play chess? -

5United  WarrenW2008-10-13 05:50:18
It is working OK for me at this time.-

6Australia  adminchesshereChessHere Gold Member2008-10-13 11:06:16

7United  ChessOak2008-10-15 16:27:06
This just happened to me in CC. I was clicking on the \"new format\" (or something like that) link that shows the table of open games in a more compact format.-

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