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Player: Australia  agentofchaos Subject: Chess variants

2008-11-03 00:13:49
I\'m wondering if there would be any interest in implementing some variant chess games on this site? I would be particularly interested in atomic, crazyhouse, and alice chess. I don\'t know how feasible it is, but it would be really cool if it could be done. -
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1Brazil  ilhado2008-11-03 08:28:48
Yeah... I play in another site cause these variants are available. It´s very good-

2United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member2008-11-03 12:23:01
Vaiant would be nice AFTER all the promised enhancements are done. Variant progranning is VERY time consuming and would also necessitate a third rating area. Months ago we were promised League play and a ladder setup. Please do not even think about variants until CC improvements are completed.-

3United  ChessOak2008-11-03 20:38:13
Perhaps the promised improvements could be completed faster if more of the freeloading players here contributed a little bit of money? (hint, hint!)-

4United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member2008-11-04 05:26:31
You are 100% correct and I already committed to become a paying member when the product=the price. As soon as League and Ladder exists, the member icon will appear next to my name. As is is now, all the work appears to be going on in RTC which I do not play.-

5International  cc12418155002008-11-04 15:17:33
Well maybe you should start playing RTC.It\'s fun.Let\'s see how well you play without you\'re beloved database.-

6United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member2008-11-04 19:53:10
Corried again-

7International  cc12418155002008-11-05 08:15:44
There has been considerable interest shown in variant chess.Maybe it will happen.-

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