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Player: Belgium  Nick55 Subject: How to find active teams

2008-11-06 00:58:34
As captain of team Metal I have great difficulties to find active teams. I know it was said that inactive teams would be suspended after some time, but for some reason(maybe technical reasons) it has not happened. The list of teams is way too long, filled with mostly inactive teams. Therefore another suggestion: If we could sort on Active challeges - just as we can on team Name or rating- then the most active teams could be displayed on top. Would it make much easier to find opponent teams. I think it is not a real great technical difficulty to do that. What\'s your opinion on that?-
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1United  WarrenW2008-11-06 05:44:35
Hi, Nick - I use the default list which is by date of last activity. Just now I notice the first two pages show the sixty teams that have had activity since October 29th. (Although your suggestion is a good one.)-

2Belgium  Nick552008-11-06 09:35:36
Dear Warren, You are absolutely right, but the problem is then that you always play the same teams...and more important... Then you have to look and search for teams of equal strength...It is not in strength order or something...-

3United  WarrenW2008-11-06 10:48:36
Good point Nick.-

4Brazil  ilhado2008-11-06 12:47:39
Well, it´s a very old problem... There is several posts about the inactive teams make more difficult the active teams managment. By the way, the site owner said that this issue will be corrected... until now, nothing ! Let´s wait folks... in a randomic afternoon of the future this is will be done !-

5Viet  Hao Nhien2008-11-07 04:01:11
yah, old teams play against old teams...-

6Australia  cc13669115662008-11-07 09:06:13
we have realised that the way chesshere was built, it prvented us from deleting the inactive team, however once we are done with the current RTC issues, we will take care of the matter-

7Belgium  Nick552008-11-07 12:21:01
hmm, won\'t say it...-

8United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member2008-11-07 15:15:54
Nick, the answer is 2020-

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