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Player: Bulgaria  Better_than_you Subject: The \"Basic draw\"

2008-12-16 13:41:57
I was playing a 15min RTC and after none of us could checkmate the other one with his pieces the game said \"Basic draw\". My opponent had only 0:28secs thinking time left, and I was about to win otherwise. As far as I know the only 2 situations that can cause a game to be counted as \"Draw\" are- if you repeat 1 and the same moves 3 times or if someone offer the otherone a \"Draw\" so I was just wondering if this is going to be changed...-
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1United  WarrenW2008-12-16 14:29:42
Looking at your game... once white captured the black pawn, neither side had sufficient material to mate. So it was deemed a basic draw.-

2Bouvet  Harry Pillsbury2008-12-16 14:58:50
Yeah, lol basic draw means basic draw, the computer knows what it\'s doing, you don\'t.-

3United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member2008-12-16 15:48:51
Gee, what a shame. You do not even play well enough to keep mating material and you cannot believe you did not win. What a shame! I guess somebody is better than you.-

4Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-16 16:58:48
Oups! Forget the rules? LOL xD LOL :P Stop playing chess, read a book about chess rules, and we\'ll talk about it later. And you should nickname yourself It\'s_so_easy_to_be_better_than_me.-

5Bulgaria  ody2008-12-16 17:07:29
I think that was about enough picking on the guy. Last time i checked not knowing the draw rules wasn\'t a crime and Blizzaror, the books that I have read actually encourage active studying chess - learning by playing so \"stop playing chess and go read\" was particularly stupid. No offense-

6United  TJSaltdog2008-12-16 17:21:39
I agree with ody. Its easy for stronger players to pick on the weaker ones instead of talking to them and helping them. Its idiots like these that give the game a bad rep.-

7International  cc12418155002008-12-16 17:28:41
Exactly right TJ,Warren\'s reply answers all his questions.There is no need to jump all over the guy.-

8Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-16 17:29:18
I know it was stupid, but to be honest, he had to know that before writting a nickname with overconfidence in it, he has to be sure to know all the rules or simple things. Otherwise, if better_than_you nicknamed in another way, I wouldn\'t laugh, except if it was something like the_chess_god, which is by the way 10x worse than better_than_you. So better_than_you, before doing something risky, be sure to know what you\'re doing. And here\'s the basic draw situations : king vs king, king and knight vs. king, king and bishop vs. king, two kinghts and king vs. king and rook and king vs. king vs. knight.-

9Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-16 17:31:50
And I will take this as a warning before saying ****. Gee, if there was all of chesshere\'s rules in youtube, many people would be out.-

10International  cc12418155002008-12-16 17:32:58
So what you are saying is that his nickname is the reason you made fun of him? Rather odd isn\'t it?-

11United  TJSaltdog2008-12-16 17:34:18
You suck up, ha ha, my buddy corrie.-

12International  cc12418155002008-12-16 17:35:59

13Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-16 17:37:38
Not just a warning : a lesson of life. if better_than_you was missing a rule, well he\'s surely BETTER_THAN_ME to stop talking at the right time -

14Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-16 17:42:28
Yes, it\'s silly, and I WON\'T said a but in my it.-

15International  cc12418155002008-12-16 17:43:40
I don\'t understand what you are saying.I\'m still trying to figure out what ***** Gee is?-

16United  TJSaltdog2008-12-16 17:44:29
My guess would be *****. Ha ha.-

17Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-16 17:46:20

18United  TJSaltdog2008-12-16 17:47:30
Im sorry for calling you an idiot, I should have used a different word.-

19Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-16 17:47:55
I wanted to said s**t, but I\'m already in a bad situation. That\'s the reason that I didn\'t wrote all the world.-

20Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-16 17:48:30

21Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-16 17:48:59
Don\'t be sorry for it, I deserve it.-

22International  cc12418155002008-12-16 17:49:59
lol ,ok I got it now.Merry Xmas to all and to all a goodnight. HO HO HO-

23United  TJSaltdog2008-12-16 17:51:26
I love ho ho\'s-

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