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Player: Philippines  crimson_devil12 Subject: i would like to suggest PROVISIONAL ratings to newbies..

2008-12-20 20:41:55
i have encountered provisional ratings on chessmater9000... hoped you heard it.. i guess it is quite popular.. i think this solves the 1400 standard rating prejudice.. ITS like having big jumps on rating if you still have provisional rating... to make myself clearer...i would quote the \'chessmaster9000\'.. ----\"dylan<<an AI having its play configured similar to the real player dylan> > had defeated you. your overall rating decreased by 80 points and is now 1320. your rating is still provisional, since you have played only 1 rated game. your rating will become non-provisional after completing 20 rated games.\"----- i hope i get my point clear.. this will make sure your ratings after 20 games will certify you of that rating making you a dignified chess player here in this site.. this will help advance players new to this site have more honorable ratings.. and also this will segregate faster the beginners to intermediate players... i don\'t know what are the formulas for the big rating jumps but i guess the lesser rating player will have the ½ of the difference of ratings if he wins..(?) and the other higher rated player will drop the same amount.if both of them are non provisioned. and they will have ¼ the difference if the outcome if it is the other way around. provisioned players will have the same rating jumps. i am really not sure of the amounts but still i hope i have made my point.. the concept is what matters.. nevertheless the admin can alter the number for best results... i hope this will be entertained because i really had the problem on the starting rating of 1400.-
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1Dominican  Astaroth11V2008-12-20 23:38:10
Thats a pretty good idea, I agree with you.-



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