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Player: Canada  AllThatBelongs Subject: Duplicate account rule (need help)

2008-12-21 10:41:42
Hello everyone, i have 2 accounts on and one of them is this one (AllThatBelongs) i made this account after my first account because i wanted to be able to play a few more blitz chess games every once in a while and i didnt really see the harm in it. But yes i guess it does cheat with the system and not long ago they added a rule about duplicating accounts that you can only sign in with one account on the computer, except that now i cannot get to my other account which is my main account. Whenever i log out with this account and log in with the other it doesnt let me go on and says i am already logged in with another account (AllThatBelongs). So i would like to know how i could get on my other account which is more important to me so if any administrators or anyone sees this i am willing to let this account be banned or deleted to be able to use my other one, but if anyone may help me and tell me how i can get back to my other account it would be very apreciated.-
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1International  cc12418155002008-12-21 11:02:51
whats the name of your other account?-

2Canada  AllThatBelongs2008-12-21 11:04:47
Does that really matter?-

3International  cc12418155002008-12-21 11:06:42
not really,just want to know who you are?-

4Canada  AllThatBelongs2008-12-21 11:11:10
Alright well sure, the account\'s Donven17-

5International  cc12418155002008-12-21 11:23:35
hi Donven.I remember you.Your best bet is to send a message to Gumpteous and explain it to him.He will help you.-

6Canada  AllThatBelongs2008-12-21 11:28:26
Alright well thanks, and ya i remember you too -

7Australia  cc13669115662008-12-21 13:21:32
welkl as explained on over post, one pc one account unlesss you become premium and the other account are unlocked-

8Canada  AllThatBelongs2008-12-21 14:19:28
Yes but i dont want it to be this account is there a way to switch it so that its my other account?-

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