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Player: Philippines  crimson_devil12 Subject: regarding on acknowledgments..

2008-12-31 06:37:40
will the admin acknowledge the ideas given to them by the users????? (even if they are not fully pledge users)------------------------------just wondering...-
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1United  WarrenW2008-12-31 06:46:05
They usually do. -

2United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member2008-12-31 07:27:33
NO! No matter whether you are a paying member or not, admin is VERY BAD at either acknowledging or following up.-

3International  cc12418155002008-12-31 07:55:06
This is true,I agree.As a matter of fact you can be critical of the administration as you often are Lyle,and they will do absolutely nothing about it other than ignore you!-

4Europian  cc13741628192008-12-31 08:05:57
hm ... is it a leap year next year? -

5Philippines  crimson_devil122009-01-03 05:41:58
so they dont acknowledge suggestions? oww...-

6Philippines  crimson_devil122009-01-03 05:56:59
this is because of the chesshere goes mobile thingy...i have posted it dec18 a week after....... well i guess you get the point already.. oh well.. playing here is just a privilege.. not my right...-

7Australia  cc13669115662009-01-05 23:15:47
we cannot aknowledge all the idea, but we are studying them all remember we are only 3 person to look after the back of house

NO! No matter whether you are a paying member or not, admin is VERY BAD at either acknowledging or following up
i resent that...... as we are currently developing a new CC based mostly on your suggestions

8Philippines  crimson_devil122009-01-06 15:17:03
hire more MDDs! hire more MDDs! hire more MDDs! hire more MDDs! eheh... joke! <laugh laugh laugh> thats alright.. great site by the way..guess more will be stayin here longer..(without paying.. ahah)-

9Europian  cc13741628192009-01-08 05:58:53
visually impaired waiting hopefully for an acknowledgment, gumpteous! -

10Wales  Myrydin2009-01-09 03:43:35
Often, when somebody complains that their ideas are not being acknowledged, what they really mean is that the administration is not taking on everything that they think they should. If you put forward a good and viable suggestion, the chances are that the administration will think \'yes! that\'s a good idea, we\'ll implement that!\' If you don\'t, they won\'t.-

11United  WarrenW2009-01-09 05:59:09
Myrydin - I agree!-

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