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Player: ST  Experienced Subject: RTC issues

2009-01-27 16:58:18
I have been playing RTC lately and my games will run smoothly with the time I mean. It used to be that my time would not expire like normal. I contacted admin and they fixed it I thought. It now has the same problem for me BUT only in Tournaments. I had a guy I played said he was recording me because I was controlling the time?!!? I mean thats absurd. If admin has anything to say about this please let me know.-
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1Canada  donven172009-01-28 15:03:50
i dont really know but yeah i would like it too if someone explained about the time because a couple of times my opponents bring back their time and its quite frustrating.-

2Ukraine  jevaisbien2009-02-17 11:38:53
For the past couple of weeks, my RTC games hang up after 15 moves. And thus I \"lost\" a bunch of games. Not that I care about rating, but I do not like the situation when the game ends earlier than my opponent and I want to. If the admin can see this message, I will appreciate if he helps me/us out.-

3Indonesia  dididuff2009-02-19 10:49:37
yeah.. i just experience hang after i made move then after a while it says game doesn\'t exist. and sadly when i check, my rating goes down although in rtc graph it reads that i won the game.-

4Ukraine  jevaisbien2009-02-19 10:58:23
something like that happened to my games too. i think i\'ve figured out that the games with 30/5 and 15/3 min control hang up. those without this time-limit-per-move option work fine. conclusion? well, the new option seems to leave some room for improvement.-

5Canada  donven172009-02-21 08:12:09
yeah so i guess we should just stay clear of them and play 15 and 30min games instead, for now-

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