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Player: France  Bozzoh Subject: Observe and flip

2009-02-02 05:46:42
Hi It would be nice to can flip the view when watching a match Maybe it has already been said, sorry if... :(-
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1United  appleofthelord2009-02-05 15:23:54
may i ask y. I already use that theory, I just wanna know how you use it so i can compare.-

2Canada  indent2009-02-07 23:15:30
I presume he\'d enjoy observing a game objectively from different perspectives.-

3France  Bozzoh2009-02-08 00:51:16
That\'s it indent. I know my english is bad -

4United  appleofthelord2009-02-08 07:56:06
yh same here-

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