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Player: United  Smaug Subject: Fifty move rule

2009-02-16 12:46:51
Is this implemented on Chesshere? I can\'t claim a draw - it just says it doesn\'t fulfil the draw by repetition rule. [paragraph break] It\'s reasonably urgent...
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1United  Agreen852009-02-16 13:22:49
Had a look at your game. Seems to fit the 50 move rule. Have you sent a report to admin via the \'contact us\' link at the top right of the page?-

2United  emtsjs2009-02-16 14:03:47
It looks like a draw. White to me has no clear cut win (unless you make a mistake) which apparently you have not. How many times have you asked for a draw?-

3United  Smaug2009-02-17 07:19:18
None - I\'ll try to get admin to notice me.-

4United  Smaug2009-02-17 07:21:54
Just tried - it says \'Do NOT try that!\' when I click \'send\'. Admin, please help!-

5Slovakia  martin_chochula2009-02-18 23:23:18
Hi, I thing sorry you are black, but white can win, I am not sure, but when white use his bishop to cover,his king can move over cloumg six, I think, meaby I miss...bey -

6Australia  yosefhChessHere Moderator2009-02-19 00:19:47
In the new interface it will be implement soon-

7United  Smaug2009-02-21 01:24:39
Please make it very soon!-

8Israel  stevew2009-02-21 04:21:53
can someone explain the 50 move rule to me--thanks-

9United  Smaug2009-02-21 06:32:35
If fifty moves are made without a pawn being moved or a piece being taken, you can claim a draw.-

10Canada  donven172009-02-21 07:37:16
Maybe you should just offer a draw to your opponent?-

11United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member2009-02-22 14:28:58
Not at all trying to be a smart a$$ but in over 35 years of CC I have never had a game ended this way. To me this ranks right up there with notes. It is something that would be very complicated to program. Easy to handle manually. If an opponent does not know/understand the rule, admin can handle without the expense/time of programming. I am curious how many games end this way? Anyone have more that 1 or 2....ever?-

12United  Rynobax2009-02-22 17:51:17
If any game gets that many moves with no pawn moves or captured, it is probably because your opponent will not except a draw. Otherwise, I can\'t think of a time it has happened to me.-

13United  Smaug2009-02-22 23:32:12
He won\'t accept a draw - he is probably winning I think, but we\'ve had 51 moves without a capture and there are no pawns left. I would have thought it would not be hard to program - just search the PGN for a lowercase letter starting the move, or a \'x\' in the middle of the move!-

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