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Player: Greece  Ghosty Square Subject: RTC board

2009-02-19 15:20:44
Ok this may sound silly, but how can I save my preferences after I ve customized the rtc board? Because it seems to revert back every time I start a new game.-
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1Europian  cc13741628192009-02-20 01:48:49
not silly at all, ghostly ... sorry i can\'t be of more help-

2Canada  donven172009-02-20 15:28:11
yeah its not a silly question and i would like the answer too, i dont really customize my boards in RTC but if i ever decide to id like to know how to keep it -

3ST  Experienced2009-02-20 17:36:07
It does that to me when i try to customize CC-

4Canada  donven172009-02-21 08:09:58
same here, i think that\'ll be fixed tho, with all the cc updates but that wont help the RTC issue-

5Australia  adminchesshereChessHere Gold Member2009-02-21 09:10:32
yes we will fix that too asap-

6Canada  donven172009-02-21 09:18:01
glad to hear it-

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