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Player: Macedonia  macedonia Subject: Matched challenges, waiting for approval

2009-09-22 19:50:49
I have matched a challenge 30 days ago. the captain of the team has not been online for about 30 days now. There should be a option so I can cancel that matched challenge. In 30 days our players might leave or go to another team and that would be dissadvantages for my team. I think someone should do something about that .I will never match a team chalenge again. I will only send challenge and I will reject or accept. Do you think this is good enough??????Thanks in advance.-
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1Canada  RoeAntSte2009-09-23 03:24:32

2Macedonia  macedonia2009-09-23 15:48:42
mmm nothing -

3United  JPB2009-09-23 17:42:49
I have a matched challenge from over a year ago and the other captain has abandoned the website as far as I can tell... no activity in 380 days! I agree that it would be nice to have an option to cancel a sent challenge before the other captain accepts or if he doesn\'t accept. Also, if I accidentally include a player that doesn\'t want more games or the challenge doesn\'t meet his team preferences, it would be nice to simply cancel the challenge-

4Macedonia  macedonia2009-09-24 04:07:44
Thank You JPB. I hope more people will agree. Cheers -

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