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Player: United  ChessOak Subject: There must be something Chesshere can do

2009-12-06 01:23:59
about the poor etiquette players who, when faced with a lost position, disconnects and leave the opponent hanging for 90 seconds to claim their win. Perhaps a game selection option that says \"no more than 25% losses due to disconnects\" or a reputation system (but I can see how that can be misused). Or something. Let\'s put our heads together. It is not that hard to be polite and to resign a game (saying \"good game\" is optional) rather than to just leave the other player hanging. Imagine in real life to just walk away from the table where you are playing your game. In no time no other player in the club would play you.-
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1Germany  Ikke2009-12-06 01:30:23
there should be a button \" claim win on disconnection\"-

2United  blake786132009-12-06 01:40:50
Actually that\'s exactly what Curt von Bardeleben did to William Steinitz at the 1895 Hastings Tournament.-

3Netherlands  Yenman2009-12-06 06:27:39
Those bastards are everywhere. However, I think Chesshere has implemented a good solution for giving you the win after 90sec of disconnection. 90sec is not that long, it would be worse it you are playing a 60 min. game and have to sit it out after your opponent disconnects after 10 min.-

4United  ChessOak2009-12-06 16:46:39
I agree that 90 seconds is not too long. And I have had a few instances where players simply seemed to abandon the PC and I had to sit there for 25 minutes or more. So now I always play 15/3 games. My point is that I find it offensive and boorish and I\'d prefer if a player\'s history on this site is marked so I can avoid playing them. Although, as it is it is getting harder and harder to find a game.-

5Bulgaria  ody2009-12-07 03:58:00
There is nothing like the good old public humiliation :) So why don\'t we make a list of our own hosting the name of all the dubious personalities we\'ve played against? This will both inform the rest of the community which players to avoid and hopefully knock some sense into those guys\' heads.-

6Europian  cc13741628192009-12-07 04:01:58
(always with a mixer, of course)-

7England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2009-12-07 07:26:09
The last two out of three rtc games I`ve played I`ve lost to a trick (or bug) where my opponents clock runs down from a couple of mins to zero but no timeout notice appears. After waiting 5 mins I leave the game only to find out that it was me that lost, `left`. Would this have happened if I were losing, I dont think so. Waiting 90 secs for a disconnect doesn`t seem to bad in comparison.-

8Australia  yosefhChessHere Moderator2009-12-07 22:32:18
In the next upgrade it won\'t be 90 sec, only about 20-30 max.-

9Portugal  viriol2009-12-08 02:57:14
20 seconds is too little! What about those who accidentally disconnect and manage to reconnect just in time?-

10Germany  Ikke2009-12-08 03:05:29
there should be a claim on disconnect button!-

11Australia  manicdamien2009-12-08 07:30:03
i\'d think 30-40s is about enough time to open a browser and log back in chesshere. 20s might be too short even with a decent connection.-

12Australia  yosefhChessHere Moderator2009-12-08 11:07:11
we\'ll take that into considerationn, thanks-

13United  ChessOak2009-12-08 21:17:23
Yosefh: Please understand, I am NOT complaining about the time allowed for reconnection. I am complaining about people disconnecting when they could resign. The 90 sec time may not really be enough. I have had games (and I have broadband) where it is not clear that I have a connection problem and then to simply reconnect takes more than 90 sec. If someone is on dial-up there is no way they can reconnect. Another site I have seen allows players to adjourn a game after 60 seconds (then if the two players ever play again they play the same game) or after 2 minutes the remaining player can claim a win. Please consider that.-

14Netherlands  yce2009-12-09 09:42:36
claiming a win after 2 minutes, i guess you claim that win after 90 seconds the way it is now. 90 seconds is not to long, what really irritates is players who are a couple of moves from being checkmated, and then just let the clock run out, so your just sitting there waiting for 15 min or more, jeez just resignm instead of being a sore loser. to extopian if someone does that trick, maybe pressing the refresh button after the time runs out wil help-

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