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Player: United  LemmaChessHere Gold Member Subject: How are team ratings calculated?

2011-03-21 19:06:41
We need to be able to confirm the team rating calculations! They fluctuate so wildly that there must be a mistake in the algorithm. Who knows the formula being used for TEAM rating calculations? On another note, how does one actually get an answer from an admin around here? How does one initiate improvements? I feel as if I am talking to myself -- does anyone get answers to questions on the CONTACT US form??-
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1Romania  Bodo3002011-03-23 05:37:12
A lot of good players around here... A shame the page is so neglected.It looks like the chesshere team needs help. You should ask for help chesshere team.-

2United  LemmaChessHere Gold Member2011-03-23 17:11:26
Bodo is precisely right. Some of us could help you if you asked for help, instead of ignoring us!-

3India  arunchessChessHere Moderator2011-03-24 09:19:30
Lemma, Questions raised through contact-us form are replied ( at least I got many aknowledgement if not solution). As for as formula regarding team rating is concerned I do not know how it works.But it should not be much different from indivisual rating system. AS per ELO system rating fluctuate more in initial stage. But once you play a lot of game fluctuations reduce. I am just talking about general rating system.-

4United  LemmaChessHere Gold Member2011-03-26 10:50:36
Yes, arunchess, you are of course right. But adapting and ELO system to a TEAM rating could be done in many ways, and I wish I could see the documentation. Unfortunately, my experience with the contact-us form has not been positive like yours. I must be asking questions that are too hard, because I very, very rarely even get the courtesy of a reply, much less an answer.-

5United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-11-01 23:47:18

This site has nearly 4,000 members now.
Imagine trying to answer 4,000 members who are too lazy to read the Help & FAQ area which usually contains the answers they ask.

I also suggest members go to the RTC section and click on the \'[+/-] Rtc help guide\'. You will see these help files:

Video Tour! | Help File | Clocks | Faq | Instructions

So stop complaining and start watching the new help video (which gives a LOT of information) or read the other choices.

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