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Player: India  BlueScorpion Subject: what are u listening to?

2011-11-02 06:18:39
Post a link to the music u r into-
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102Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2015-07-03 05:06:38

103United  neverherebefore2017-05-18 06:59:02
I am listening to Talk Radio out of Milwaukee,WI-

104Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-05-18 10:03:39
Need something sad tonight.-

105Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-05-21 05:51:57
I\'m listening to this.

No sound with my PC, but it\'s ok. Beethoven heard music when he went deaf.

106United  neverherebefore2017-06-04 01:51:49
sky news coverage of apparent terror attack in london on youtube-

107Canada  HenriDeToi2017-06-06 09:03:55
What am I listening to
I never listen to nobody

108Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-06-10 10:16:36 -

109Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-07-15 01:51:09

110United  neverherebefore2017-07-25 13:44:09
I am listening to nosmartyr read Ready Player One on youtube. The teaser trailer dropped Saturday.-

111Canada  HenriDeToi2017-07-29 11:26:31
I am listening to Marie-Jo Thério-

112Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-07-31 01:47:50
moi aussi, mais ça rocks ou ça sucks?-

113Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-07-31 02:32:41
in greek, please, nev?-

114Canada  HenriDeToi2017-07-31 12:36:26
Des fois, c'est pas mal cool, et des fois, c'est boring-

115United  neverherebefore2017-08-01 04:06:22
I'm listening to the beat of a different drum

116Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-01 04:49:40
C'est boring, pis y'a rien qui va on à Chesshere. -

117Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-08-02 17:41:03
'one love, one song sheet'-

118United  neverherebefore2017-08-07 12:03:20
See You Again-Fast and Furious 7 soundtrack on youtube. Over 3 billion views and counting!-

119Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-08 03:50:53
The rain come down

120Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-08-15 03:32:58
best song ever?

121Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-15 09:22:53
Awesome song indeed There are so many great songs that I cannot claim a single one as my favorite. I love "IMAGINE" by John Lennon. -

122Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-16 03:27:02
August 15th, last night, la fête des Acadiens. I was outdoors in Moncton, N.B, Canada at a concert given by 1755, an Acadian group. After 40 years, they are still awesome good. Just listen to this:

123Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-08-16 04:04:12
soyez des nôtres!-

124Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-16 04:13:12
V'nez timer avec nous autres -

125Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-08-16 05:15:29
Grand merci et les paroles pour les Acadiaphiles


126Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-16 16:41:49
For our US friends such as neverherebefore, les Acadiens are the Cajuns' cousins of Louisiana. Two fiddlers from La Baie Sainte-Marie, Nova Scotia and members of the Acadian musical group 1755 playing Orange Blossom Special live in Moncton in 1994. They are awesome good, aren't they

127Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-08-16 22:41:40
acoustic + electric violins wow

(+ from 13:27 )

128Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-17 03:33:26
Is there a difference between a violin and a fiddle -

129United  neverherebefore2017-08-17 08:43:04
Fiddles sound better on a roof -

130Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-17 09:05:14
And violins sound better in the basement-

131Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-08-17 10:40:57
According to an old musicians' joke, you don't spill beer on one of them.-

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