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Player: United  aspviper666ChessHere Gold Member Subject: Database

2012-11-17 19:56:19
Thank you for installing one here, great feature.-
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1United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-11-22 20:02:43
Aspviper666 is talking about the new OPENING DATABASE that can be used by both premium and non-premium members.

The option appears when you go to one of your games and it is a simple call to an existing Opening Database. If you use it Chesshere will add a 2nd box to your Internet connections. So when you are done with it just close the 2nd box and you will be returned back here to the Chesshere site!


2England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-11-23 06:50:59
It`s a great tool. I thought they had
taken it out of general use as I haven`t
been able to access it for around 6 months.
I thought admin had tumbled me
But of course it`s only a guide to opening
moves, lot of choices that hopefully allow you not to make a hash early, and play `book openings`.
A great addition.

3United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-11-25 05:05:54
It was my idea to enter the ability to call an opening database while in your game area.

I checked with the administrators at Shredder first to see if they would allow us to call their Opening database and they were happy to give us access.

I felt it was something that the members needed. It is so much better than the Opening database at the former site I played at. THEY sinple put everybodys games in a database and called it their Opening database. Problem was - do you really want to follow a database based on weak player\'s moves?

So anyway, I am very happy that the Chesshere programmers allowed us to use a good Opening database while in our games.




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