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Player: Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member Subject: Chess Improvement

2013-02-14 17:34:55
Every chess players have their reasons for playing chess. Some to have fun, to pass the time away and others are to improve their level of chess. Mine is to improve my chess so I can return the favor to our next door neighbor who keeps on beating me black and blue over the board. Is there any way to really improve your chess without memorizing specific moves of this or that opening? Any suggestions? HELP!!!-
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208Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member2013-08-07 14:33:28
Hi Baggy_Gee. I\'m no expert either but I have a few ideas. If instead of 5...Nc6, you could have played an earlier 5...e5. This is so to have greater control of the center. I don\'t see the logic behind 15...e3. It seems that you\'ve just given his light squared bishop more control of the a8-h1 diagonal. did helped that your opponent can\'t decide on what to do, whether he\'s going to attack or defend. Overall however, you did just fine. It would really help improve your game if you can play against a stronger opponent.

I know it\'s a lot more different playing RTC than CC because we\'re more prone to commit mistakes when there\'s time pressure.

209Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member2013-08-07 14:39:21
Here\'s another game against Kingbang (I\'m playing white) and like the first one, I\'ve been totally outplayed here. Can anyone help me on analyze this game?

210Australia  Baggy_Gee2013-08-07 22:20:01
The plan for Nc6 was to play Ne5. And as to e3 that was to encourage him to move his Q so I could save one N, because if he played Bxc6, Qxc6 with the direct line into his castle or he could drop a rook.

211Australia  Baggy_Gee2013-08-07 22:23:36
And I sort of liked your position until move 28 g4. I would have played b3 to either trade the knight for bishop on c4 or possibly aim up Nd6 where you could have opened you king up a little by trading knight for his dark square bishop. But as always that is my viewing of the position and I am only an average player

212England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-08-08 14:55:08
Good idea Baggy, looks like a good move.( Still cant get over your surreal knight )
Now 9.h3 and you`ve reached the classic sicillian position with the alapin bishops. I love that set up. Black plays 9..d5..and not e5. He`s moved that pawn twice now which tells me he knows the line if you take it. Yes looking again 9.h3 wasn`t immediately neccessary as you had g4 covered with 2 pieces.
The grand prix attack 9.f4 was on.

213Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member2013-08-08 14:59:28
Don\'t worry about it Baggy_Gee. Your views are greatly appreciated. I really don\'t like my position at that point and I felt that my king has no defense. All of my pieces are tied up by the f3 pawn and the e2 bishop. I felt that maybe I could do better if I played 20. f3 first instead of the rook lift to d6. That way just maybe I would able to control the march of his f pawn. Kingbang is a very good player so I felt that I should be more aggressive and don\'t let him dictate the tempo of the game. As a result, he was able to place his annoying bishop at the e2 square which more or less is the key to his strategy. Well...those were only what ifs... I guess I have to plan much better when and if I do get the opportunity to play against him again. :)-

214Australia  Baggy_Gee2013-08-13 21:38:44
Were you reffering to my lazy travels to fork his Q?-

215India  Prabhat_Pandey2013-08-14 14:37:32
How can I convert the notation given taken from chesshere to a pgn file?I want to analyse my games using Houdini but can\'t find any related software or maybe I am searching the wrong term ...Plz do help if possible

216Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member2013-08-14 19:29:50
Sorry Prabhat_Pandey, can\'t help you there. Hopefully Arrakis09 is reading this because he\'s more knowledgeable about these things and I\'m sure he\'ll be able to help you. You have a nice game there. Are you the one playing white in this game? Even though you lose this game, I can see that you\'ll be a tough opponent for me. :) Larry-

217India  Prabhat_Pandey2013-08-15 03:06:42
Yes I am playing white in this game but my opponent was better than me was an unrated 5 mins game so Didn\'t think much about my moves.I guess my first bad move was 9th Q*d3 .
After analysis I guess I found out than Q*F5 could have been much better.
Second bad move was 30.Rxg7+ I think 30.Q*C7 could have the best ...but the time pressure was immense and it was an unrated game so didn\'t play seriously.
Nope I am not good enough yet to play with you :)

218India  Prabhat_Pandey2013-08-15 03:14:54
And in your game with Kingbang
I guess 9.h3 was very bad as it just game the tempo back to black.I guess you in that particular situation the move 9.f4 could have been the good move.
Game was in you favour as you were having both the Bishops facing King side.It was pretty dangerous.But may be You were also playing some 5 mins game.

219England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-08-15 11:10:23
f3 is also standard. Still we`ve all been there, up against a strong player, who once he sees a chink in the armour relishes a big exchange scenario as he knows he must come out with the more balanced, stronger position.-

220Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member2013-08-15 15:13:35

Hi Parbhat_Pandey, you\'re right there. 9. Qf5 would be the better move but I guess when you\'re playing under time pressure, your field of vision will be very much limited and thus liable to commit many mistakes. Looking at the board again, I think that a much better move is 30. Qc7 instead of Rxg7+. That way, maybe you can still save your knight and maintain some sort of equality.


I felt that Kingbang\'s 9. h3 is a good move. It\'s a waiting move and at the same time provide an escape for his king. Maybe I should have also played a waiting move and see what happens instead of forcing things.


I\'m not very familiar with 9. f3 extopian but I felt that Kingbang at that instant is playing a waiting game with me and just trying to improve the position of his pieces since he\'s confident that I will not be able to outplay him if he takes things slowly. Well...that\'s my impression. Hopefully I will be given the opportunity to play with him again someday and by that time, I maybe more knowledgeable on the opening that we\'ll be playing. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

221India  theDON72013-08-17 23:48:44
This one i played recently with peter027(1688)
I am not sure whether giving up my queen was good option or not.
I even offered draw to him when I had rook and a bishop but he didn\'t accept (Maybe because of some ego issues:P).<I learnt this draw thing with a game of anand V/s Gelfand in last year world cup>
Can somebody tell me the what were my mistakes ?
I guess a human advice will be a lot better than what my chess engine says.

222Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member2013-08-18 14:59:24
Hi theDON7. I\'m not familiar with the opening you\'ve played here but you\'ve played logically until the move 23...Rxb4 (which I feel cause all your trouble). I feel that 23...Ra8 would be a much better move (guarding the back rank) and try to contest the d file. Your 24...Rxb1 is forced, or else you\'ll lose more material. Instead of 30...Kf7, maybe 30...Rf7 would be a much better move, trying to activate the bishop. Your 33...fxg4 ruins your pawn chain. 33...Kg8 (a waiting move seems better). Instead of 47...Rxf3, 47...gxf3+ and pushing the passed pawn to f2 will surely restrict his King\'s movement following it up with b6 to secure the bishop will at least net you a draw. There\'s no way his passed pawn will get pass e7 with both rook and bishop or king guarding the square! I felt that your opponent should have tried to pin your bishop and tried to advance his passed pawn to create some sort of play. Oh! So you\'ve won this game. Good for you. You have played sensibly, maybe even better than me. With that kind of play, I will be hard pressed to even win against you. :) Larry-

223United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-08-19 11:07:23
#221 theDON7

You lost because you created a very bad pawn structure. 3.Bg5 was not a good place for your black squared bishop. I understand that you want to get the bishop out before you play e3. With that idea in mind you could play your bishop like this: 3.Bf4 followed by e3 and then you need to play along the lines of developing your QN to d2 and play for c4 unless Black plays...c5. In that case you are flexible and play c3 holding the pawn on d4. Your light squared bishop is flexible and can go to e2 or d3. After you get the Q-knight out on d2 and develop the light squared bishop then castle.
I would say that you were positionally lost by after 6.b4? Black can undermine your control of the d4 pawn and take over the dark squares. Your pawn structure is so bad that after 15.cxb4 Black could have played
15...Ne4! attacking your bishop on g5 and also attacking the rook on a1 with the bishop on g7.


224England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-08-20 16:07:33
I dont find 3.Bg5 unusual, but 6.b4 ? 6c4 or better 5c4 and Bg5 would have looked normal ala Grunfeld. 23.Rfc1 looks strong.-

225India  Prabhat_Pandey2013-08-21 03:40:41
#Lazy Style
Did you miss the wrong move 64.Kh4?
That was the end of me but my opponent did give much attention to it and neither did I on that time. :)Thanks for the effort you put into analyzing this game.I am not good with openings
In fact in first few moves I just try to develop my pieces which could be easily done If 1.D4 is played as it gives both white and black some time to develop the pieces and then launch the attack.
It was my opponent who was playing white I was black.You criticized him I can never play a move like c4.I would have castled but thanks anyway It was good to get your advice.
I agree with you 3.Bg7 is not a bad move at all actually it does a lot of work.In fact a saw a lot of games in which it was played.

Thank you all for doing this I appreciate the effort.

226England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-08-21 04:20:24
I thought you were white and lost. I`ve been looking at whites play. I`ll have to pass on another look Whites opening looked disjointed.-

227Russian  VasyaI2013-08-21 13:57:58

6Q1/7Q/8/8/7k/8/7K/8 b - - 5 62


228United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-08-21 16:11:51
229 Arrakis09 2013-08-21 18:50:40
#228 VasyaI

What is the point to you posting your game improperly in this thread?

When posting in this thread you create the game (as you did) by pasting the game moves in the right hand box. But then you are expected to make your comments in the left hand box before posting your message!

What you did was post the game and then write another post with the game text again.
What purpose does this serve?

You are expected to put BOTH your game and your comments into ONE post... and then in that post you might ask for some evaluation about a certain move or something. I am removing your post of the game moves. If you want to participate in this forum then make a comment.


229Russian  VasyaI2013-08-22 02:13:36
This one i played recently with tipareth(1450). I played a 10 minute blitz black pieces.I would like to hear your comment-

230Russian  VasyaI2013-08-22 02:14:58

231Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member2013-08-22 09:15:37
Hi Vasyal. You\'re a much better than I am when it comes to CC games so I\'m not sure if I\'m in any position to comment on your game but here goes.

I felt that 8...c6 is definitely a mistake. 8...b5 would be better and follow it up with 9...Bb7.

We know that 17...Bf5 loses the bishop as it allow the knight to fork both rook and bishop by 18. Nd6. Can\'t see the logic behind 19...Be7. It doesn\'t prevent 20. Nd4 and limits the movement of your Rook at e6. I felt that the succeeding moves is a kamikaze or suicide attack that only hasten your downfall.

I\'d say that you played badly in this game. Maybe your opponent has caught you on an off-night coz I know (personally) that you play much better than that! Yeah, maybe that\'s it. One thing for sure, you\'re a much better player than I am and I\'ll be really lucky to catch you on an off-night like that. :) Larry

232Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member2013-09-15 14:33:44
During the course of my chess study, I almost always come across the subject of \'analyze your games to improve your play.\' There are some explanations but they\'re a little vague for me so I don\'t really understand how to do that. Can anyone help me? Is the study more about the chess opening or the tactics involve in the middlegame?


233United  cc14928133342013-09-15 14:57:15
It\'s about the whole game-

234Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member2013-09-16 15:11:58
Hi synaps. Thank you for your comment. Here\'s my game against jkmerrick and sad to say that it\'s a loss for me. It started out as a Petroff and unfortunately I\'m not very familiar with the moves of the Petroff Defence. I\'m completely outplayed in this game. How do I go about to analyze this game? Do I have to memorize the opening so that I will have a fighting chance? Frankly, I\'m at a loss on what to do here. Help!

235United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-09-16 18:18:06
#234 LayZ Style

Go to any active game you have and click above to go to the chess database. The board always shows the original starting position.

Start playing the moves that were played in your game and you will see that you made a horrible blunder in the opening. I won\'t tell you what it is because I want you to find it for yourself.


236Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member2013-09-17 15:16:46
Okay Don. Thanks for the tip. By the way, I\'ve read somewhere (don\'t remember the name of the book anymore) that when you reached the level of 2200 to 2400+ is the right time to learn about the opening theories and to concentrate on the opening phase of the game. I\'m not sure what it really means but I find it hard not to learn about chess openings if I\'m kept getting beat up by my opponents who are more well versed on the opening than I am and I\'m still at the 1600 to 1800+. Do you have any idea what they really mean by that?

Many thanks,

237United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-09-17 20:02:57
#236 LayZ Style

Whoever wrote that is an idiot!!!
You really need to learn the basic openings to make 1600 and you certainly need to study them in more detail to make Expert.

I know because when I first went down to the chessclub in 1970 I was beaten by the weakest player they had. So I bought an Opening book and within 2 years I was the strongest player in the club of 72 members with a USCF rating of 2050.


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