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Player: Canada  greenpChessHere Gold Member Subject: 50 Move Rule?

2013-03-25 15:50:04
Does the game control page monitor the
50 move rule?Or do I need to keep track of it?
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1US  froggoathorse2013-03-25 16:01:23
The game page should tell you when the game is eligible for a 50 move draw- I just experienced it not too long ago.-

2Canada  greenpChessHere Gold Member2013-03-25 16:11:36

3United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-03-25 18:09:58
When the game computer sees that either the position has been repeated 3 times or 50 moves have been made without a capture or pawn move it will flash the message: \"This game is a draw\" and a new box will appear below the box to offer a draw. You have to check the new box which says, \'Claim a Draw\'.


4Canada  greenpChessHere Gold Member2013-03-25 18:33:05
Thank You!-

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