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Player: Canada  greenpChessHere Gold Member Subject: On Line Chess

2013-03-31 08:34:10
The situation:Playing a 5 minute online game here this morning.We each have about 60 seconds left to complete the game.Technically I have a won game.Then
lo and behold my opponent started adding at a minimun 5 seconds per move to his clock.After several moves he has more time on the clock!Not less!At this point with about 15 seconds remaining on my clock I just let it run out and put my opponent on the ignore list.

It was an unrated game as I absolutely
refuse anymore, and have for sometime, to play rated online games.
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1United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator2013-03-31 09:55:31

My first question for you is this: Did your opponent actually add more time than he had originally? Or did his turn begin for example, at 45 seconds, went down to 34 seconds and then back to 45? Or did he put more than 45 seconds on the clock?

The reason for this delay or lag as some people call it is due to weak or failed internet connection towards the server.

It could be your opponents\' weak connection, causing the lag, or it could be your connection that is causing the lag. You can always test your internet connection by going to a test website (I use which will determine if it is your connection that is causing the problem.

This isn\'t the first time we have had a problem like this. We are working on upgrading the server so this type of problem will cease to exist.

Hope this helps.


2United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-03-31 22:14:01
greenp Subject: Real time Chess

EPPR asks some valid questions and you should post a reply.

HOWEVER, there is a cheat program that allows a player in a RTC game to hold down a key while playing and the cheat program will send static over the connection thus mimicking a bad connection.

The chess site program is created to give time back to a person suffering lag and that is the purpose of the cheat program!

We can not stop cheaters from using this program, nor can we detect it. The BEST solution is that if this same thing happens with the same player then add the player to your ignore list and that way you will not have to play them again.

Once enough players lock this person out he won\'t be able to abuse anyone anymore because nobody will play him.

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