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Player: Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Moderator Subject: The Thought Of The Day.

2014-10-26 03:03:04
I am starting a new social forums to write Heart talk,Quotes,and whatever in you mind.Please write to see where we go.
1-An unexpected event will mean you\'ll turn up late for an appointment; try to catch up quickly to avoid further delay.
2- Try to overcome your desire for novelty and try to stay by your loved one\'s side as he or she feels a little left out at the moment.
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188Canada  HenriDeToi2017-06-29 12:36:48
Oh That kind of rain-

189Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-06-30 14:08:03
J\'aime les nuages... les nuages qui passent... là-bas... là-bas... les merveilleux nuages!

anyone seen anzar?

190Canada  HenriDeToi2017-07-04 01:00:03
Moi j\'aime bien mieux le soleil-

191Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-07-04 13:18:16
D\'accord, la mélancolie des soleils couchants!-

192United  neverherebefore2017-07-04 15:00:22
the streak ended at 29-

193Canada  HenriDeToi2017-07-13 21:21:27
My thoughts are about what is going on with this site. -

194United  neverherebefore2017-07-18 23:26:14
may there be billions and billions of posts after this one asap-

195Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-07-19 00:50:55
What would happen if all the people in the world jumped in the air at exactly the same moment in time?-

196United  neverherebefore2017-07-20 14:49:55
Probably nothing except it would usher in an era of global harmony -

197Canada  HenriDeToi2017-07-21 00:19:59
What if the elephants joined in -

198Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-07-25 04:17:27
end of the world?-

199Canada  HenriDeToi2017-07-26 00:21:19
What if earth worms could all jump at the same time-

200Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-07-26 05:08:20
you wouldn't need cars?-

201United  neverherebefore2017-07-26 13:03:49
response to #199...

a global sink hole will annihilate us

202Canada  HenriDeToi2017-07-28 17:05:47
This site is the first victime of the sinkhole-

203United  neverherebefore2017-07-30 13:10:40
Happy Birthday to me -

204Canada  HenriDeToi2017-07-30 16:46:25
Happy birthday to you-

205United  neverherebefore2017-07-31 11:21:00
muchas gracias -

206Canada  HenriDeToi2017-07-31 19:44:05
De nada-

207Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-08-03 00:44:33
¡Muchas felicidades!-

208Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-06 12:23:22
Finally it rains here
We sure needed that It is very dry

209United  neverherebefore2017-08-06 13:49:51
I think the world's water should be distributed pragmatically-

210Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-08-06 16:04:37
It rained three days solid on my holiday -

211Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-08 11:19:21
Pray for it to go away -

212United  neverherebefore2017-08-10 19:56:59
On Big Brother USA the chessboard is set up wrongly -

213Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-10 23:12:30
And he's got more than one Queen-

214United  neverherebefore2017-08-11 14:37:25
he -

215Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-11 15:44:11

216Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-10-17 00:07:43
gold members

217United  neverherebefore2017-10-17 18:15:59

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