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Player: Germany  gaibernerChessHere Gold Member Subject: messages

2016-07-23 21:48:59
In the open Tournamen Halifax which I , gaiberner. Captain surise, organized,the player ovverlord made 2 moves and than he went 14 days on vacation!!I think he is not aloud to do so? I am correct? How can I through him out? Is there someone who knows what\'s right or wrong? Tkanks-
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1South  LeoChessNut2016-11-21 03:13:13
Hi. I have sent various messages to the admin but no reply?

You state \\\"Improving your skills on chesshere is easy because you meet very different players\\\" how can I meet anybody if I can\\\'t send them a message?

You give players very little access to decide if one wants too eventually subscribe or not. To me it has no life without communications between players.

You probably have many other features that we don\\\'t even know about.

Finished my last game now so at least answer these messages so I can decide to start new games! -
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2South LeoChessNut 2016-11-18 10:58:49
I can\\\'t contact a member!

I\\\'d like to play in a 5-7 day per move tournament. Can anybody help with that?



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