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# Team 1 Team 2 Players Result Action
61The Wings Of Hope(1516)Masterminds(1445)22-2View
62The Wings Of Hope(1516)Masterminds(1445)24-0View
63ITALIA(1419)The Rookies(1219)22-1View
64ITALIA(1419)The Rookies(1219)36-0View
65ITALIA(1419)The Wings Of Hope(1516)32-2View
66ITALIA(1419)Best Move(1197)23-0View
67ITALIA(1419)The Wings Of Hope(1516)20-3View
68Best Move(1197)The Wings Of Hope(1516)21-3View
69Best Move(1197)The Wings Of Hope(1516)23-1View
70The Rookies(1219)Best Move(1197)21-3View
71Sleepless Knights(1257)The Wings Of Hope(1516)21-2View
72Sleepless Knights(1257)The Wings Of Hope(1516)21-3View
73MACEDONIA(1407)The Rookies(1219)23-1View
74The Wings Of Hope(1516)Sleepless Knights(1257)43-3View
75Masterminds(1445)The Wings Of Hope(1516)33-2View
76The Wings Of Hope(1516)CSKA Moskva(1221)22-2View
77Masterminds(1445)Sleepless Knights(1257)24-0View
79The Wings Of Hope(1516)Masterminds(1445)22-2View
80The Wings Of Hope(1516)Masterminds(1445)33-3View
81The Wings Of Hope(1516)Masterminds(1445)20-4View
82The Wings Of Hope(1516)Masterminds(1445)21-1View
83The Wings Of Hope(1516)Masterminds(1445)34-0View
84Sleepless Knights(1257)The Wings Of Hope(1516)22-2View
85Sleepless Knights(1257)The Wings Of Hope(1516)23-1View
86Sleepless Knights(1257)Masterminds(1445)21-3View
87The Rookies(1219)The Wings Of Hope(1516)20-4View
88The Wings Of Hope(1516)Masterminds(1445)20-2View
89Masterminds(1445)The Wings Of Hope(1516)21-2View
90Sleepless Knights(1257)MACEDONIA(1407)21-3View
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