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TitleRudens 2017
OrganizerLatvia  AndrishiChessHere Gold Member
Status Players Days per move Started at Finished at
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Games table
Playervs 1vs 2vs 3vs 4vs 5vs 6vs 7vs 8
1. Slovakia  vmach1-00-1101-01-0--
2. Italy  albycoccax0-11/2-1/21-01-01-0--
3. Latvia  AndrishiChessHere Gold Member0-11-0100-10-1--
4. Poland  danielglowinski10.50-19.5141-0--
5. England  Matt3621-00-151.514.541.5--
6. Iran mohammadasaeian is online mohammadasaeian0-11-00-10-142--
7. ?-------
8. ?-------
Completed games: 21/56(38%)
Results table
1. Slovakia  vmach (1810)6206
2. Italy  albycoccax (1689)5415.5
3. Latvia  AndrishiChessHere Gold Member (1767)3313.5
4. Poland  danielglowinski (1694)2202
4. England  Matt362 (1652)2302
4. Iran mohammadasaeian is online mohammadasaeian (1708)2602



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