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  Title Organizer Players Thematic Games (finished/total)
91rabaz 19Sweden  rabazChessHere Gold Member10No84/90(93%)
92UFA 18Russian  ignativanov8510No88/90(98%)
93UFA 4Russian  ignativanov8510No88/90(98%)
94UFA 7Russian  ignativanov856No29/30(97%)
95UFA 1Russian  ignativanov8510No89/90(99%)
96AutumInternational  cbiniChessHere Gold Member10No83/90(92%)
97Dermans Sicilian XCIIThailand  derman53ChessHere Gold Member10Sicilian
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98kkkAustralia  anikopastorek19ChessHere Gold Member10No89/90(99%)
99JOLANSyria  jolanchess3No0/6(0%)
100Mega CUP 2007Bulgaria  bojin6No29/30(97%)
101Blitz Blitz 1Philippines  daemet6No26/30(87%)
102ASKLEPIOS IVPoland  ASKLEPIOS6Uncommon King's Pawn Opening
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103PlaygroundCroatia  jimi20063No5/6(83%)
104Monkey businessScotland  gowser10No89/90(99%)
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