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# Title Organizer Players Thematic Finished at Winner
271Rudens 2Latvia  AndrishiChessHere Gold Member8No2015-12-27Italy  marino59
272Chess is love 5Iran  gold_man5No2015-12-27Spain  aperturaf
273ANZARBOND 467Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Moderator6No2015-12-26Bangladesh  bdrajib
274Liepa 2015Lithuania  KestutisKadonasChessHere Gold Member10No2015-12-24Ukraine  valkhan
275New DayIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2015-12-22Somalia  ulcifers gut
276GERMANIARomania  helmisflorin10No2015-12-21Bulgaria  l4o62
277chess is love 3Iran  gold_man5No2015-12-20Indonesia  yudi
278DANEMARCARomania  helmisflorin10No2015-12-20Europian  teoretic
279Lonely PawnUnited  RabidBulldogChessHere Gold Member8No2015-12-19United  RabidBulldogChessHere Gold Member
280topicIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member6No2015-12-19Hungary  NyogerJani
281CiocRomania  helmisflorin10No2015-12-18Canada  snafuduck
282chess is love 2Iran  gold_man7No2015-12-14Russian  Odinokij
2832015 Geguze 6Lithuania  KestutisKadonasChessHere Gold Member6No2015-12-13Italy  baphomet
284UFA 50Russian  ignativanov856No2015-12-13Bulgaria  george 1955
285AlandSweden  tafasto1ChessHere Gold Member10No2015-12-13India  abyindia
286RudensLatvia  AndrishiChessHere Gold Member8No2015-12-12Canada  esii
287chess is love 1Iran  gold_man3No2015-12-11Latvia  harijs
288ANZARBOND 465Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Moderator6No2015-12-10Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Moderator
289CUBRomania  helmisflorin10No2015-12-09India  shiju
290IAHNIERomania  helmisflorin10No2015-12-09Italy  chiccogiancarlo
291ANZARBOND 468Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Moderator9No2015-12-08England  Molten GoldChessHere Gold Member
292Game of ThronesBulgaria  Tonibg10No2015-12-06Egypt  loma killer
293circumstancesIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2015-12-03Croatia  duhek
294Augusts 2015Latvia  verns2ChessHere Gold Member10No2015-12-02United  jonesmh
295dsbUnited  dbrunnerChessHere Gold Member10No2015-12-02France  Y_afu
296Bsrmaley 11Russian  Barmaley10No2015-11-29Ghana  Uhuru
297Queens PawnUnited  pikejohn5Queen's Pawn Game
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2015-11-29United  johndyson
298TRIUNGHIRomania  helmisflorin10No2015-11-28Andorra  Uixdecamp
299blue daysIsrael  tidiChessHere Gold Member10No2015-11-26Argentina  youjoin
300Kill BillRussian  Autothrottle10No2015-11-20France  Electruk
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