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#User Name Rating RT Rating Active games Moves RT Moves Won Lost Drawn RT Won RT Lost RT Drawn Challenge
1.Hungary hotwater is online hotwater225019796134490238539567228757Challenge
2.Italy rebussino is online rebussino22491400841000125016000Challenge
3.United Hot_Tracy is online Hot_Tracy2235182511165570219681353412Challenge
4.Slovakia vladko730 is online vladko7302183191664062010216121471512Challenge
5.India shams khan is online shams khan212614002767530230296000Challenge
6.Canada Zuhfee is online Zuhfee2079250174734016282128423Challenge
7.United AlBel is online AlBel205116007223310351210752890Challenge
8.India pvsingh is online pvsingh1819140081197602818218000Challenge
9.Slovakia vmach is online vmach172115681556003096665814361486Challenge
10.United vasilii_o is online vasilii_o1651140040149704502000Challenge
11.United  SAChess Player15981400108977014510911000Challenge
12.Philippines 3mm7 is online 3mm71594159267874809358991259361042131Challenge
13.India tbsundar is online tbsundar15911598293068906093422963445741Challenge
14.United Marbles is online Marbles15761388292840122945000Challenge
15.England Matt362 is online Matt36215681676329892701397123434727016517Challenge
16.United covertops is online covertops1565140626127577945510000Challenge
17.South HLJ is online HLJ154914001710172024915217000Challenge
18.United mhlambert is online mhlambert15411400199940149977000Challenge
19.Myanmar vayluwa is online vayluwa15341540294170607935511071521378Challenge
20.Argentina ffelchle is online ffelchle15341400745349058669380000Challenge
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