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#User Name Rating RT Rating Active games Moves RT Moves Won Lost Drawn RT Won RT Lost RT Drawn Challenge
1.Burkina  Mukemwe173114003150904246000Challenge
2.Philippines  jimboy351915981587115950015760111711196Challenge
3.United  carhurst1400146200000019311613Challenge
4.Russian MarilynDug is online MarilynDug14001400000000000Challenge
5.Australia Yves Bouchard is online Yves Bouchard140014003530000000Challenge
6.United  nnebabonisvivie13911400000010000Challenge
7.United  jarrettmobilia13891400000010000Challenge
8.United  dajupinyolon13891400000010000Challenge
9.United  chetsefcik13881400000010000Challenge
10.United edelsignorprinc is online edelsignorprinc13881400000010000Challenge
11.United dressesvery is online dressesvery13871400000010000Challenge
12.United  texidorjill13861400000010000Challenge
13.United  nlieresaul13851400000010000Challenge
14.United  paderdeet13851400000010000Challenge
15.United  iayoungmclem13851400000010000Challenge
16.United fdourudol is online fdourudol13841400000010000Challenge
17.United  tinokeil13841400000010000Challenge
18.United  hpeisu13841400000010000Challenge
19.United irvingzavattier is online irvingzavattier13831400000010000Challenge
20.United parisherth is online parisherth13831400000010000Challenge
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