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#User Name Rating(CC) Rating(RTC) Active Games (CC) Fin. CC Games Fin. RTC Games Tour. CC points
241Hungary  2008Cortactionv1167140087280236.5Challenge
242Bosnia  sutko1138140035700.0Challenge
243United  DeepClue11251411987810.0Challenge
244United  2knight2111513852322115.0Challenge
245United  Steveinmi11071378439820.0Challenge
246Russian  Practicalgm107814064119115.0Challenge
247United  makityrs10671400422578019.0Challenge
248Canada  vfraser10601400114100.0Challenge
249India  hamid_bara1048146455238742.0Challenge
250Netherlands  schaakjes96614001513400.0Challenge
251Canada  TorontoChess947132021487200.0Challenge
252Ukraine  vasyl_puzanov866143016334317.0Challenge
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