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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

what motivates me. online chess

by rubik21

Chess is uniqe. What other game challenges you to the point of insanity? What game can spur such compatition in the hearts of man? What keeps us up at night to the point of exhaustion? Theres only one game in my mind that to do that. Chess. The game ment only for royalty in the days of old. Ment to settle fueds and disputes. Given to us to play. The honar, the power, The choice.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Iphone chess - play chess on your iPhone

by cc1239293753

Iphone Chess - we are working on making chesshere compatible with iphone


The iphone chess application will  based on the Chesshere engine and should provide iphone chess players the ability to play Chess with others chess players across the globe

iPhone Chess will have  a graphical user interface which allows players to select the piece  and move it by tapping their fingers on the touch screen.

 iphone chess ... Read more >>>

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why do I play online chess?

by Smaug

There are two main ways to practise your chess against people. One is over the board (OTB) and the other is online.I think that online chess is a very good way to improve your chess skills. It is not dependant on meeting once a week, for example, or in a set schedule - there will always be people online. You can play in any spare time, whenever the mood takes you, rather than just having a specific slot for a club every week.Online, it is easier to play games of a specific opening, to improve your skills in that area, since thematic games can be set up and there are many more people who will play any set opening online. By contrast, in a club, OTB, there often will not be enough people who are willing to play a certain opening, so the variety of responses will not be broad enough to give you the practice you are trying to get.Online, many more people take part, since a club is confined by how easily people can get to it, but the Internet is not. This means you can always have a differe ... Read more >>>

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

why i play chess online

by KDP920

Interesting question.� I guess the easy answer is that for some folks who either don't have a local club to play at or like myself when the club meets doesn't quite mesh with my work schedule, playing online allows us to play the game we love at our own pace.� Once I've begun playing, playing online especially a correspondence style chess allows me to� sit down and think out my moves plot my strategy without the time pressures of facing a clock.� By slowing the game down I have improved my play to the point that I now win more than I lose.� (Believe me thats a HUGE! improvement for me.)

While all things are true, the main reason I enjoy playing online is much different.� Most of my opponents I've played aren't really the chatty type and I'm okay with that, but every now and then I'll get someone who will respond to my standard greeting of "Hi, thanks for playing."� They� tell me a little about themselves, and I will do the same and slowly but surely ... Read more >>>

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chess alone is meaningless

by Activate

I've beaten many others smarter than myself, at chess. I have a rival whom I cannot beat at chess, but can beat at other games, such as Go or Backgammon. From this I learned, chess isn't an expression of anything, it's a game we use to express ourselves. One of many games.

If both players play at their best, the better player will win. The way to change this pattern is to get better. I play chess because it's fun, but also because I have someone I want to beat. Chess alone is meaningless. It takes two to play a game.

I personally don't care for anonymous internet chess. If the match isn't personal, I can't get a thrill out of it. But once in a while, I find a player that's my level. Not too strong. Not too weak. A game that will remain even until somebody finds their hidden strength and activates the golden move.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


by zeilletp

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Monday, August 04, 2008

My motivation to play chess online

by turtleman

STUDENTS!! That's my motivation. I could come up with many intelligent and logical reasons to play online, but the real answer is simple...students. I teach chess at 3 elementary schools and 1 middle school. To teach I must learn. The best platform tfor me to learn is online chess. It's quieter, more relaxing and less confusing than trying to learn from students across aboard. "I need help," is not echoed from me as in a school setting. Yes, students are my motivation in playing online. In return I hope I am able to motivate others from my online experiences.

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Monday, August 04, 2008

what motivates me to play chess online

by larues

I am motivated by chess to play chess. you have to you your brain to beat a computer, another person, or yourself (i recommend you dont).

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Monday, August 04, 2008

why i prefer chess online

by farewellchess

Chess is perhaps the most complex cerebral game man has ever invented. It contains billions of varieties, so much so, that even the giant chess software can't ensure you a sure win despite its gigantic capacity to calculate trillions of moves within a few seconds. Secondly, chess demands a beautiful combination of science & art, sheer logic & mysterious creativity. Thirdly, chess is perhaps one of the very few games that eliminates the component of luck. If you lose none else is to blame; if you win you solely deserve the credit yourself. Fourthly, online chess has many edges over OTB chess. For instance, elderly people like me who have physical constraints can join the battle of wits from the comfort of their homes. CC confers the additional benefits of extra time & opportunity to consult books, database etc, to minimize mistakes & sharpen one's skill at the game. Finally, it's a bit cruel but factually true that chess is not meant for the dullards who go for launde ... Read more >>>

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Monday, August 04, 2008

More than a yottabyte cubed....

by eljon_2007

So what motivates me?

Aside from massive amounts of endorphin and dopamine (and other "happy" hormones) that are released from my hypothalamus whenever I play chess?

This thought.

It is estimated that the possible variations in chess is roughly a googol and a septillion.

That is one followed by 124 zeros...

and the possible number of positions in a game of 40 moves is between 10^40 - 10^50...

and about 10^83 for 80 moves.

and there are only 10^80 atoms in our observable universe.

Talk about numbers, chess is the only thing that comes close to this.

Some predicted that when computer memories reach the order of n- yottabyte, chess will be solved...

Untrue, of course. And one can ask a theorerical physicist about this...

No one, nothing will ever solve chess.

This thought, in itself, is an intrinsic reward. This reward motivates me.

and for the "online" thingy, its JUST MORE FUN to PLAY ONLINE!!

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