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Monday, June 23, 2008

Queen is the best!

by Nortess

They say, that chess is a game, it is sport or even art. I think, everyone agrees with this. But for each of chess players it is also something very personal.

I also have my very special feelings for chess…

For me my dad was and always will be in my memory as the great chess player and owing to him my first acquaintance to chess happened earlier, than I began to walk. Chess figures were for me in the childhood the most favorite toys: serious, allocated with own characters. Not for dolls, but for them I sewed beautiful clothes.

Not heroines of television movies or novels, but Chess Queen caused in me feeling of admiration and was for me a real object for imitation! Yes-yes, be not surprised! In fact Queen is the strongest, promptest figure among all chess figures. And what for was this force, this power?

No, not for herself and not for the sake of herself she strains to be in action! Her unique applicability - to provide a victory ... Read more >>>

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What chess means to me…? Hmm.. that’ s not an easy question.

by mihaibujanca

Well I played my first game at 4 years old, on 1st July- on my birthday -with my grandfather. I was excited about the game. 5 long years I played for fun with my father or grandpa. But then my father took me to a tournament. I met new players with different tactics and openings. At 10 years old I won my first tournament at school .  Then I started to train myself around 2-3 hours a day. At 11 I went for the first time at the nationals. It was a success for me: I was 11 and I had the 28th place at the nationals with players 11-15 years old. Than at 12 I had the 23rd place but I considered this result as bad because when you have the experience of an year at nationals you have to profit about it. Now I’m 13 and I want to win the nationals at last when I’ll be 15.

... Read more >>>

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What does chess represent for you

by silvio


Thank you for your e-mail.

I am indeed surprise that I got an e-mail from such prestigious site.

Well.. as to your question What does chess represent for you?

I am an avid chessplayer since I was in my first year college.  I remember it was my college classmate that introduce me to play chess.  His name is Renato.  He was a good player because he often join chess tournament and had been exposed and a chance to play a few of our local grandmasters.  Renato introduced me also to different books on chess.  I remember he told me that the most important thing in chess game is to control the center.  Any player who controls the center has the great chance to win.  Among other tips that he told me were.


         - one pawn ahead of the opponent makes a difference  

         - one pawn i ... Read more >>>

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Since i was a child my dad and my grandpa have been playing chess together

by Hal

What does it represent for me...? :)
I'll begin from the start...
Since i was a child my dad and my grandpa have been playing chess together. I saw it like some kind of ritual, every time we visited my grandparents they spent a whole evening just sitting and observing that board.. But I didn't care much these days, until once my grandpa asked me if I finally learned how to play.. As I said no, he wanted to teach me some basics, and now i remember that it appeared sooo boring in the first place.. and stupid too cause he would never let me win... so i "gave up" on chess very soon after that.. :)
A few years later in high school we could choose something for the sport class, and I was not sure if I should choose table tennis or chess, so i agreed with my best friend to take the chess class..
After some time there i realized that I'm not that bad as I thought I'd be, and the game seemed much more fun and catchy.. I really got into chess and started ... Read more >>>

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chess represents the game of life

by djdeo32

Chess represents the game of life wherein it gives you the opportunity to decide where you want to go or who you want to be. You can either be in the offensive position or defensive position.


It also adheres with the basic principle that you cannot always be on top cause there would be someone better rising from nowhere.


I actually played chess when I was about four years of age and it was just pure fun and a bonding activity for me and my dad. He slowly teaches the moves of each piece. And it seems like a playground for the two of us. We make different sounds as we move each piece like when the horse moves "ya doo doom do doom do doom."


... Read more >>>

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

For me chess represents a school

by ChessRoody

For me chess represents a school whereby you can learn art, language and discipline for the betterment of a person. I personally believe that when chess is taught to a young child in school he would acquire great amount of knowledge in human behavior, understanding and patience which are essential in the world today.

... Read more >>>

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What does chess represent for me

by Proficiens

Dear Chesshere Team


What does chess represent for me... A question I also ask myself from time to time; because, as you play more and more of it, the answer will every time be different.


Some time ago I saw what an important role chess had taken in my life. For a day or two, my brother and I started playing another board game, but, as I already said, only for a day or two. I (and probably my brother too) noticed how superficial other board games seem to be when you've played a lot of chess and have become familiar with it. When we returned to chess, it felt like returning home after a holiday. Other board games simply lack the special character that sets chess apart. Only chess has that majestic aura...

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chess according to me represents the life of a girl

by rth

Chess according to me represents the life of a girl...

The pawns are their friends.They help them how much ever they can.Though they can't do much they still do their best to save girls.

Of course here the King is considered as the girl

The Castles,the Bishops,and the Horses represent their family members.They have more influence on the girls and have got more powers to help them lead their life and win it over.

The queen is the women's Father and Husband.Leading the girls life till the end with more influence on them.

And the girl does her part in saving all those who fall in front of her to save her........

     Thanking you...

... Read more >>>

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I love chess

by MindOver

I love chess, I discover that it wasn't only a table game just after my colleague teaches me how to move the pieces, since than I've been developing my chess qualities, this is a great game, I'm still playing for hobby because I'm not yet confident enough to start playing as a pro, and is because of that that I make subscription I sites that offer opportunities to play wit h other gamers, the problem is that many of them requires a fee, and I am not in conditions to afford that for me, so I'm jumping site from site that offer free limited subscription for I can still play and practice my chess abilities, and if you guys from ChessHere.com are offering a free premium membership I'm in the position to ask about it, thanks and regards from Alex ;)

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chess represents another human invention towards the pursuit of pleasure

by urr

Chess represents another human invention towards the pursuit of pleasure, the pleasure of defeating an opponent. On the contrary it can represent joy for a very tiny percent of the population (i dont include myself in this, im after the pleasure too), which likely does not include the grandmasters & seekers of championships.

... Read more >>>

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