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Sunday, July 19, 2009


by ChessTrainor

Chessbook Ultimo provides sound chess doctrine.Principles with examples.It provides Chess history and chess facts.Provides the information for mating patterns in the topic different mates.Provides the chess basic tactics from 1 to 17.In an understandable actual game of mine.Chessbook Ultimo raises your level of chess understanding and awareness.Chessbook Ultimo does not want you to memorizes moves although that is part of chess,but more important than memorizing is to understand chess concepts,ideas,chess principles to live by and to play by.This book is suited for the advancing beginner as well to those already mature player  becoming mentors to use as aid or reference.ChessTrainor.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ending of a chess game

by SPYABaseball

Most of the time at the end of the game u really need pawns because I can not tell u how much it will hurt u in stats if they are the ones to promote a piece and u are the lonely king watching. The best way to protect pawns is to make them protected by other pawns bishops or knights so in the end of the game u have a ruck and 6 pawns there is almost no way u will not promote your pieces. ... Read more >>>

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Friday, July 03, 2009

\'Cheap\' Tactics

by stylishman

I was playing someone here on chesshere. I was a pawn down in a game with very few pieces remaining and he had basically no time left on his clock. So I simply darted my queen around, checking his king, until his clock ran out. He called me a cheat and said that if I had any honour I would just resign. If he had been able to make moves quicker throughout the game he wouldn't have been in that situation. What's your opinion on this? In my opinion it's legitimate. There were ways to stop the checks but they required serious thinking. ... Read more >>>

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Friday, July 03, 2009

a little help here!

by wrath of god

Hey everyone i started this chess site probably a week ago. I started playing chess when i was about 2 years of age. Since then i have been the top of the scoreboard of my chess team in my town. The only problem with my strategy is that I'm not very good in the middle game, and i was wondering if all of you can teach me how to do it. i don't care how u teach me but at least let it make sense to me. I thank u with your co-op. Thank you and have a wonderful day and great games that await you. :) ... Read more >>>

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chess Wins and Losses

by bestever112

At school, i play chess. I play chess with my friend, who's a beginner. I beat him 2 times and he beat me once. we have a stale mate once even. Today, (I  played black) I played against another guy, who says he will beat me. That, of course, is not true. I sacrificed all my pawns to capture all his pawns, and he said I did the stupidest move ever. Well, he did one. he used one of his knights to capture my bishop, then i captured his queen with my queen. Then in the end,  he said he wasn't playing well. Such an excuse. Then when he only had his king left, and my two pawns promoted into a queen and a knight, he said that he could force me into a stale mate. And after that, I checkmated him. My queen, checked his king, and his king can't move anywhere. I said check mate. So he said lets just pack up. HE"S MAKING EXCUSES!!! in fact at school, he's my half enemy. Well, from this summarized story, you learn that sometimes you just have to take all the things your opponent does in. Because ... Read more >>>

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Chess tips

by vipinv

I am a beginner in the chess game. I started playing chess last 6 months only. How can i improve my game? I have been playing here. Usually i play 30 min game. now i am in 15 min game. which time is best and why? I personally believe, chess is a game of patience. I learned now to face my defeat, a painful substance to swallow. one thing i know i should accept my defeat and not to lose my hope on chess. after playing many chess in a day, i became absent minded, have you experienced??. Somebody talking to you and we dont hear anything. In sleep sometimes i think lot of strategies and become sleepless. How you overcome this? ... Read more >>>

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

by cc1366911566

You can add post about the chess-training-software

Here's what's new:

new graphics - a new color theme that makes the pieces stand out better and a refined interface; harder on Advanced - the computer should play better on Advanced mode; improved visual aids - now you can show arrows for piece moves; opening book - for the opening moves, the computer will choose from thousands of proven opening variations and will show the opening name in the moves list so you can look it up. new language - Polish.

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Chessing Everyday

by aliosmansarnik

Instead of many unnecessary and time-wasting things we are doing in the Internet, i think, playing chess, in other word, 'Chessing' is one of the most useful and cool things to spend your time. So that first of all, you can keep your brain always up-to-date and you can improve your ability of playing. I advise you to play chess everyday! :) 'Chess' everyday! AOS ... Read more >>>

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Monday, May 25, 2009

your chess story....

by crimson_devil12

How did you start loving the game?

who or what influenced you to the game?

at what age did you start playing seriously?

what is the chess environment around you? do you have a lot of friends playing the game too? or you have a family of chess enthusiast?

how did you got the rating?(is the road to that rating rough?)

what did you do to improve?

do you consider yourself a talent or is it pure hardwork?

how is your chess life now?

what is chess to you?


i would really really realy like to hear from Gump...:)

and to those high rated players... tell us your story and inspire others esp. those that are just starting the road to perfection in chess... :)


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Monday, May 11, 2009

When Players lose

by masiuya

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