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Monday, December 29, 2008

I\'m new here. Need some friends!

by pokeduderokz

Hi, my name is pokeduderokz. I'm new here, and I need friends. ... Read more >>>

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Respecting your chess opponent and learning from it

by ody

In light of some of the recent forum posts and some of my own experience of late I wanted to share my own view of the role which respect plays in chess. Yes, respecting people sounds cool and easy in theory  but in my case although being quite a cool and respectful guy in real life I had (and sometimes still have) certain problems applying the “respect rule” when dealing with weaker (in terms of rating) players which is perhaps one of my greatest problem as a chess player. Too often when i see players rated 12xx-13xx or players who make ridiculous mistakes i treat them with a certain degree of contempt and neglect, being rather complacent you know, although my own chess skills and rating are not something to be proud of. Don't know if u can imagine what this attitude of mine cost me over my years of chess playing. It’s not only unfair to those players, being parsecs away from sportsmanship but it proved devastating to many of my games and gro ... Read more >>>

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chess Reflects Life

by WarrenW

As I enter my seventh decade of life there are times I feel like a dinosaur - the traditional life values taught to me when I was young seem to be much less important to many today. Although I am certainly as imperfect and flawed as anyone, I do try to be respectful of others and appreciate the life that has been given to us. These days I spend more of my time online communicating with friends and of course, playing chess! The internet is an amazing 'place' that provides instant communication and information. The internet also furnishes each of us with an anonymity. And that anonymity seems to have lessened our accountability and responsibility for our words and actions online. That's a shame.We all have seen rude, caustic postings at online sites - aimed at people we do not know, and with statements we would not normally make in real life.The concern I have is that perhaps many of these 'attack' style postings and messages actually do reflect the personality and values of the person ... Read more >>>

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Resigning the chess game

by bonfire

I would like to state a new thing here regarding resigning tactics. i see people resign quite early when the Opponent Queen is taken, I dont see the point in that as a good sportsmanship dwells in "fighting and applying tactics till the end".

I did face the same kind of situation once in a tournament and believe me i dint resign at that point of time and fought till the last piece is taken and i am glad to tell you that i was at the recieving end, even then i managed to win the game.. So i would like to state here to fight till the end and never quit when ur strongest pawn is taken

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Team Scoring Points

by gregcachin

We should adopt a new scoring systems for the team games, patterned like the Chess Olympiad scoring system wherein a win scores 2 points, a draw scores 1 point, and loss scores 0...Why not this is team we are talking. This is more modern, and was adopted in World Championships between Anand and Kramnik...What do you thinks fellow players

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


by JD93

While I have been an avid member of this site, I have noticed and notable gulf between the people who play RTC and CC.

To me, RTC just seems so impersonal, you play a game for 15 minutes and then you just leave. I have played RTC four times and have found each game, ultimately, personally unenjoyable.

Whereas, I play 99% of my games on CC. I actually get excited when I go onto "My Ongoing Games" to see if it is my turn in any of my games. I look forward to the chance to stop and think for a few moments about how the game may pan out and what I can do to influence the game pattern. I enjoy the hard thinking as I often find myself unchallenged in school, my mind restricted to the level of lesser mind and intellect. I enjoy the fact that I know when i may lose a game... but the important thing is that I enjoy it: the people I have played against have all had the decency to say "Good luck" or, in one case, "You're really good for your age" before, during or after a game.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Why I play chess

by Branz

I have been playing chess for four years already. In 2004, I was introduced to international chess by my elder cousin. He was and still in advance level. I would say I am in intermediate 1 level. I wouldn't dare say I am very good but I ain't any pushover either. I was inspired by my cousin and Bobby Fischer to play chess. While lead by hunger for more competition, I train myself to improve. However my lack of concentration is a major factor to many of my losses. Frankly speaking I'm better at real time chess rather than day by day chess because of concentration. But it is also because I know I can improve further on my skills and concentration, I play more and more and against many people. Not only players around my standard but of those who are weaker and stronger. It brought me joy and thrill. Playing chess has some good effects on me such as being slightly more patient(Im not a very patient person), mathematics subjects grades are improved as well. As time goes by, I know more frie ... Read more >>>

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

does everyone have the ads on top of screen?

by nofischer

Just wondering if everyone has these flashing ads on there screen while playing. Seems not to long ago they weren't there at all. Now I'm not sure how to get rid of them or even if I can. Does anyone have any comments on this. Please advise if theres a way to eliminate them from the screen.

... Read more >>>

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Monday, October 27, 2008

What Is Your Favorite?

by louaxe

What is your favorite chess book and why is it your favorite?  Thank you, anybody, for reading this and thank you again for answering this if you choose to.

... Read more >>>

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Love peom for chess

by Branz

Like A Dreamby Ryan Hull==================================Here I sit, thinking only of youWondering what is to become of usUnderstanding all you have been throughHoping to slowly gain your trustMy heart aches for you, and also I yearnI want to understand youIn hopes that I will learnYour unique and special qualities amaze meYour smileYour mindYour voice and its beautiful soundYour eyesYour hairYour ability to cheer me upWhen you see that I am downMy feelings for you go beyond that of wordsAnd at first it didn't seem realBut that just taught me a lessonIn doubting what I feelIt seems I dreamed you into lifeAnd the reason for my stareThe bluest skyThe deepest seaDon't even compareBecky, you're so very special in every single wayAnd thoughts of youRun through my headEvery hour of the dayI hope that you will understandJust how I feel about youI want to be your guiding handFor all that you go through=================================Erm... Kinda comparing it for my love to chess! Haha... ... Read more >>>

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