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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chess Openings

by nickk

Hey there, my name is Nick and I'm glad to say I'm NOT a chess fanatic like some people on this website. Don't get me wrong, I love to play chess. Sometimes I do get frustrated being just a beginner and all but I still love to play every once in a while. The one thing that REALLY bugs me is the opening. I just can't find one that works! I've looked over hundreds of openings but they never work for me! I need a good opening that works with the rest of my game. Is there a simple opening that 's easy and also flexible? I'm pretty new to this website and I could really use some help with this.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

chess position: caro-kann

by Alekhine90

i don't know what it is but i cant seem to maintain my position with caro-kann.

i have studied most the lines and it has been my main defense for 2 or three months now. but more so recently i can just not win.

i am a fair chess player and i am thinking that maybe that caro-kann just doesn't suit me. is this false or is it time to move on?

any suggestions?

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The role of Chess in our normal life


In today's challenging life need peace of mind.And as we all know chess is a mind gymnastic .Write your openion on the role of chess in our normal life.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

chess team

by pokeduderokz

Hey, all. This is pokeduderokz, and I need help making a rookie chess team. Help? ... Read more >>>

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

State of mind - Chess has become an addiction

by nitinadlakha

Sometimes it thrills othertimes it feels like hell. Chess has become an addiction to me. When I win I fear I might loose the next one but I still play another. When I loose I want to win the next one so again I play another. 

I know a break of a couple of days is refreshing and I often try. I try and then I think  I might play a game or two. But then, when I play I either win or loose and I end up playing more.

Sometimes I play hard to gain an adavntage only to squander it in the next move. Sometimes I realize that I have been poisoned and am slowlng going to reach my end. I am stabbed on other occassions.

Still I play because it's a new game each time. 

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Too much chess

by Experienced

I look back at all chess games I play win, lose, or draw. I notice that I tend to over think my moves sometimes. My opponent makes the mistake of putting his piece into a position that it is unprotected and in my line of fire. Over thinking my next move I make I end up defending one of my own pieces becoming completely oblivious to my mistake. My point is that when you play chess on a regular basis you tend to overlook moves you normally wouldnt if it was fresh on your mind. Seeing a chess board everyday for the past year has lost me many games as well as win some. I tend to take breaks every so often and set down the mouse, do not touch it for a day or two. When you return to Chesshere your mind will be rejuvanated and ready to think out your next move.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Love and Chess


Love and the chess this happand in my live i lost my love to play chess.I was in a bad position of a game to think how to come out my love call for meeting i taken the excuse for some time.She call me again and again i deeply involve in the game and think much better move and she become angree and never came back.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

I\'m new here. Need some friends!

by pokeduderokz

Hi, my name is pokeduderokz. I'm new here, and I need friends. ... Read more >>>

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Respecting your chess opponent and learning from it

by ody

In light of some of the recent forum posts and some of my own experience of late I wanted to share my own view of the role which respect plays in chess. Yes, respecting people sounds cool and easy in theory  but in my case although being quite a cool and respectful guy in real life I had (and sometimes still have) certain problems applying the “respect rule” when dealing with weaker (in terms of rating) players which is perhaps one of my greatest problem as a chess player. Too often when i see players rated 12xx-13xx or players who make ridiculous mistakes i treat them with a certain degree of contempt and neglect, being rather complacent you know, although my own chess skills and rating are not something to be proud of. Don't know if u can imagine what this attitude of mine cost me over my years of chess playing. It’s not only unfair to those players, being parsecs away from sportsmanship but it proved devastating to many of my games and gro ... Read more >>>

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chess Reflects Life

by WarrenW

As I enter my seventh decade of life there are times I feel like a dinosaur - the traditional life values taught to me when I was young seem to be much less important to many today. Although I am certainly as imperfect and flawed as anyone, I do try to be respectful of others and appreciate the life that has been given to us. These days I spend more of my time online communicating with friends and of course, playing chess! The internet is an amazing 'place' that provides instant communication and information. The internet also furnishes each of us with an anonymity. And that anonymity seems to have lessened our accountability and responsibility for our words and actions online. That's a shame.We all have seen rude, caustic postings at online sites - aimed at people we do not know, and with statements we would not normally make in real life.The concern I have is that perhaps many of these 'attack' style postings and messages actually do reflect the personality and values of the person ... Read more >>>

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