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Monday, January 21, 2019
My Motivation to Play Chess Online

My motivation for playing chess online is to improve my game and make chess popular in my town. Chess isn't big where I live, and few people give enough attention to the game. In an environment where kids would rather play sports like basketball or hockey, or join other clubs like debate club, chess has become a forgotten game. I am the leader of the small chess team at my high school and I try each and every day to make my team perform better. With very few people on the team, many matches are lost because we aren't able to offset the losses from the boards where we don't have enough players for. For example, this past winter there was the annual High School State Chess Championship in which teams all over the state competed, but sadly my team was one person short of the 6 people needed to compete. Online chess gives me the opportuntity to get better by playing players at and above my level. I have fun with some new friends and learn a lot from the games I play here at Chesshere. By playing online I get better and with that my team is able to beat other schools even with the limited people on our team. As I improve I inspire more students as well as other adults to get involved in chess. With these benefits from playing online chess i can teach my team how to get better and bring the game of chess to my town to its rightful place as a motivating and rewarding game.

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