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Thursday, January 17, 2019
Chess alone is meaningless

I've beaten many others smarter than myself, at chess. I have a rival whom I cannot beat at chess, but can beat at other games, such as Go or Backgammon. From this I learned, chess isn't an expression of anything, it's a game we use to express ourselves. One of many games.

If both players play at their best, the better player will win. The way to change this pattern is to get better. I play chess because it's fun, but also because I have someone I want to beat. Chess alone is meaningless. It takes two to play a game.

I personally don't care for anonymous internet chess. If the match isn't personal, I can't get a thrill out of it. But once in a while, I find a player that's my level. Not too strong. Not too weak. A game that will remain even until somebody finds their hidden strength and activates the golden move.

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