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What motivates me to play chess online

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

What motivates me to play chess online

    There are several aspects of playing chess online which I can't so easily obtain other ways.  The best reason is that I get to play internationally, without having to be a master!  I can play chess with people from India, eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, etc.), and even the Far East, and I don't even have to leave my home town.  Since I also enjoy learning languages, I get to practice my linguistics too.

    Second, I can play at my own convenience, both in terms of time and location.  In correspondence chess, it doesn't matter what time of day my opponent makes his moves, or whether he's online at the same time.  If life gets busy, I can "go on vacation" or, when time controls are long, I can just let the games wait. Also, I can look at a position one day, make notes, then come back to it again the next day with a fresh look.  In real time chess, one can find an opponent at any time of day, and pretty much for any time control (at least it's always been that way for me).   If I'm away from home (such as when visiting relatives), I can still play chess, a long as I have access to the Internet.

    Third, it helps me to learn to play better chess. The computer automatically records the PGN, and I can easily review the PGN find where I made a mistake, and what the mistake was.  In correspondence chess, I can play several games in parallel, which helps me learn opening move mistakes and choices.  I can try five different moves for turn 3 on five different boards and see which ones work, which ones don't work, and why.

    There are some drawbacks of playing chess online, such as the difficulty of practicing specific endgames, but the reasons I like to play online are so significant that I doubt I will ever quit.

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1. rodriguezco says: Saturday, August 02, 2008
Playing online makes me feel that the world is in your palm, locations nor the distance is not there, but sometimes it is "surreal", and this motivates me to play online. The other important thing is that you are in weird world of non reality but the chessboard is really really really really really really REAL. - rodriguezco

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