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Sacrifice in speed chess

Fischer16 blog

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Sacrifice in speed chess

I have not been playing chess very long, but have developed an interest in speed chess as it is a more thrilling experience for me. Here is a game i just finished with a higher rated player. Im playing black...


Logically i would have made very different moves but under the pressure of the clock my scope of depth was naturally limited.

What do you think of the game???

Would you sacrifce pieces for positional and psychological advantage as this will surprise the oponent?

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1. PK4-Tex says: Thursday, March 18, 2010
Hey my friend, I have also not been playing chess for very long, but am of the opinion there are only two sacrifices worth making: One is positional sacrifice that forces the king to make what would be his first move to take the sacrificed piece(but only if I can take a piece or pawn with me), thereby removing my opponents ability to castle (something that can really throw your opponent, positionally and psychologically). This in turn depends on how both players are developed of course. The other sacrifice is one that allows me to dominate one side of the board, most likely the kingside, but I will settle for the queenside if the pieces I have there allow me to develop a line of attack against the opponents king. Outside of that, I am not a fan of sacrifices durring a chess game except in certain end game situations (Damiano's Mate for example). However, not having as much experience as I would like, my views are quite possibly flawed by a lack of knowledge and/or understanding ... p.s. I liked your game. Happy hunting on the chessboard Fischer16, Paddy

2. kulraj says: Thursday, April 29, 2010
I didnt see any sacrifices for black, each piece lost was evenly exchanged. Thats not how anyone would define sacrifice.

3. saned says: Saturday, May 15, 2010
Hi! Making sacrifice demand good ability to calculate but when you play blitz game it often demand more intuition and experience than calculating.

4. mkmetalhead says: Monday, July 19, 2010
Wow, that was a terrible game for white! I like to make sacrifices in games where I have the ability to sit and work out the advantages and disadvantages tactically of a sacrifice, but in quick games it is better in my opinion to stick to trying to gain material without sacrifice. A good thing for real beginners to look at is trying to set down traps using an initial sacrifice as positional bait ie taking on a pawn structure with a bishop and knight, initially sacrificing one piece to allow free reign for the other to occupy that square. This works especially well in conjunction with discovered check. These kinds of sacrifices take a while to think out, sacrifices in quick games are often flawed because you can't mull them over.

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