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Thursday, January 17, 2019
why i play chess online

Interesting question.� I guess the easy answer is that for some folks who either don't have a local club to play at or like myself when the club meets doesn't quite mesh with my work schedule, playing online allows us to play the game we love at our own pace.� Once I've begun playing, playing online especially a correspondence style chess allows me to� sit down and think out my moves plot my strategy without the time pressures of facing a clock.� By slowing the game down I have improved my play to the point that I now win more than I lose.� (Believe me thats a HUGE! improvement for me.)

While all things are true, the main reason I enjoy playing online is much different.� Most of my opponents I've played aren't really the chatty type and I'm okay with that, but every now and then I'll get someone who will respond to my standard greeting of "Hi, thanks for playing."� They� tell me a little about themselves, and I will do the same and slowly but surely a special kind of friendship is forged.� Even though my opponent might be halfway across the world the messages we exchange bring us a little closer.� I've found it very interesting how people in other parts of the world view Americans,� I've learned a little about their customs, culture and language and at the end of the day, the guy from Turkey or Israel or Brazil isn't that much different from myself.� We have the same hopes for our children, the same fears of dealing with aging parents and making do in tough economical times.� I've shared a passion for American football with someone from Germany and� when an English opponent� found out I followed soccer he told me he'd take me to a match if I ever found my self across the pond.

The internet can at times be cold and impersonal, but quite often I've found the opposite to be true.� Its a way to make this world a little smaller and to help bring us all a little closer, and that is my motivation to play chess online.

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