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that chess is a game, it is sport or even art

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

that chess is a game, it is sport or even art

What  is the chess for me?


They say, that chess is a game, it is sport or even art. I think, everyone agrees with this. But for each of chess players it is also something very personal.


I also have my very special feelings for chess…


For me my dad was and always will be in my memory as the great chess player and owing to him my first acquaintance to chess happened earlier, than I began to walk. Chess figures were for me in the childhood the most favorite toys: serious, allocated with own characters. Not for dolls, but for them I sewed beautiful clothes.

Not heroines of television movies or novels, but Chess Queen caused in me feeling of admiration and was for me a real object for imitation! Yes-yes, be not surprised! In fact Queen is the strongest, promptest figure among all chess figures. And what for was this force, this power?

No, not for herself and not for the sake of herself she strains to be in action! Her unique applicability - to provide a victory to the spouse, the King, even endowing herself... And how it is similar to a real life!  In fact, in the whole world, in any country, there is no president, who would not been supported by his spouse.

Probably, not to all of candidates for presidents their spouses used to say: «You are the cleverest, you are the best! If not you - than who? You will win! I trust in you! "  But all without exception, real, actual presidents have such wives.

Therefore for me Each Woman on our planet the Earth is a QUEEN: QUEEN-WIFE or QUEEN-MOTHER. We, women, give life and victories to our Kings! And doesn’t matter of how many square meters their kingdoms are.

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