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Thursday, January 17, 2019
Game of the Week

To the Admin. of ChessHere and all it's members, I would like to say that this is a great site and I get alot of enjoyment out of the games I play here. I also try and look at as many "Games of the Week" as possible, as I always find them interesting. Two possible suggestions though - number 1) I find that the games are cycled rather quickly and that a game is usually only up there for 2 days at best, not always giving me the chance to review it ... is it possible to lengthen the duration that games are posted to Game of the Week and what do the rest of me fellow members think of this idea?

The second suggestion (and this one is far more difficult, but one worthy of consideration), is I would find it of great benifit if the Game of the Week was annotated. If each of the players from Game of the Week had their game plans annalysed, and some of the more poignant / critical / game changing moves commented on I think it would be a massive benifit to beginners and amateurs like myself! Obviously this suggestion goes hand-in-hand with my first, because at the current rate of turnover for each Game of the Week, it would be to big an ask for the admin/moderators of this site - but if they were to just pick one game for the week and provide an annalysis of that game it would be brilliant! Whether the current user-interface would allow that would be another problem to consider, and it is perhaps this last point that limits the potential of my second suggestion? What are the thoughts on this suggestion of the ChessHere admin/moderators? What about my fellow members - is this a suggestion one you would like to see brought into existence?

Any comments, thoughts, improvements and suggestions are welcome, thankyou all, kind regards, PK4-Tex (aka Paddy)

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