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Monday, January 21, 2019
Chess - The classic battle of logic.

Chess: The classic battle of logic. In the battle of logic invisible fences of war are created by the power of each piece. Little soldiers are sent forth first to break the way to success or failure. I hear the knights’ horses’ hooves galloping across the field and jumping over hindrances both black and white. I see the bishops sliding gracefully diagonally from side to side. I smell the sweet presence of two Beauties challenging each other as they stare towards one another across the face of blocks. It is a battle without audible cries or visual agony. Instead the pieces disappear silently leaving empty spaces. The rooks have more freedom as the field open up to untie them from their limitations. Alas for those who move too quickly, too impatiently and inattentively over the borders of the other land. A dreamy eye, a fatal hand, a subjective thought can lead to the loss of a whole army… And finally the King. The noblest of them all, he has to be protected, always kept in mind for he becomes the object of attraction as the pieces fade away. In the end all the moves are focused on one primary goal – to defeat the limited walk of the opponent’s King.

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