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Monday, January 21, 2019
A short analyse - chess online

Chess is my favorite game, sport and hobby.
It creates a world in which most of our harmful impulses, like to domminate, to kill, to fight, as well as the competitive ones, like to to be the number 1 are sublimed and expressed in a form that is completely harmless and adressed to your mind.
Indeed, you can harass your neighbour, conquer a nation ... or win a game of chess, which is superior to all of these.
I started to play online chess only few days ago. Delighted me. Not wondering much why until now...
The advantages of playing online chess, by Romburak  :P
1. You can find an opponent at any time and day.
2. The number of players (and opponents) gets much biger.
3. You don't have to walk out of your house to play.
4. You can play correspondence games with ease. Even against a friend from real life, it seems better to use a chess server for correspondence games...
5. Very good organization. It is in a way like a chess club, only much biger...
6. It is free.
7. You are correctly rated. All your games are stored and possibly analized by proffesionals.
8. The possibility to watch all the games of all the other players...
9. The possibility to study your (future) opponent by watching his/her games.
10. Much variety of playing styles. Not the same opponents again and again, like in real life...
11. As you get stronger, you can pick up stronger opponents...
12. It does not come into opposition with "real-life chess". You can play both.  :)
13. Much better then playing counter strike, wow or others... from all points of view  :)
14. The chance to met people and make friends all around the world.
15. The chance to express and comunicate, and make yourself visible all around the world.
16. A very good opportunity to spend free time (if any).
17. The chance to met a strong player, a gradmaster or even your chess hero, wich could never happen in real life.
18. The opportunity to read, watch etc all kind of chess-related materials.
19. The same "thrill" that you have in a real-life game is here too, because your online opponents are also real.
20. It is fun. A lot of fun. And even more fun. :)
21. Online chess also makes it possible to create a fraternity and friendship beyound nationality. In a world fractured by wars, violence and different poit of views, chess may relate us.
Now, to be fair, let's consider the disadvantages, also:
1. Can be very addictive and requires time. But that is the case with internet in general, not specific to chess...
2. If you notice that you have stopped playing games in real life and you are focused only on the net, then you probably should take a break...
That's about it. In the and, please excuse my poor english as I am romanian and even this text was difficult for me.
Regards and GM titles to all of you, Romburak.


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