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Thursday, January 17, 2019
Why do I play online chess?
There are two main ways to practise your chess against people. One is over the board (OTB) and the other is online.I think that online chess is a very good way to improve your chess skills. It is not dependant on meeting once a week, for example, or in a set schedule - there will always be people online. You can play in any spare time, whenever the mood takes you, rather than just having a specific slot for a club every week.Online, it is easier to play games of a specific opening, to improve your skills in that area, since thematic games can be set up and there are many more people who will play any set opening online. By contrast, in a club, OTB, there often will not be enough people who are willing to play a certain opening, so the variety of responses will not be broad enough to give you the practice you are trying to get.Online, many more people take part, since a club is confined by how easily people can get to it, but the Internet is not. This means you can always have a different opponent online, and you do not always have to play the same people.Online, you usually have a record of your performance against any particular player, so you can see how well you play against that player overall. Playing online chess makes it easier to see your performance, and how you have improved, since many chess sites are graded.In conclusion, while I believe that playing OTB is extremely useful, playing online holds many more benefits for most players in my opinion - I, for one, will continue to do so for a long time. Comments: 2    

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